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  1. Hello I'm Scott, I'm 28 and I live in the Midlands of the UK (seem to be quite a few of us). In my day job, I'm a slave to the baying public - Sorry, *ahem* I'm a bus driver. My time with truck simulators actually started back in the days of 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul, but it would be years and years before I'd eventually end up on ETS2. In my spare time, I either play games, design games, hang out with friends or work/drive my car. I love driving which is why I went into transport (although it's a different kind of driving, one that sorta sucks when it comes to buses), but my car's odometer is a testament to just how much I love driving outside the job.
  2. My ETS2 overall time is 323 hours total played. My ATS total played time is 2 hours. I just prefer Europe and European trucks, so unfortunately ATS is never really going to get played in the future and will sit in my Steam library gathering metaphorical dust.
  3. If the developers are indeed planning to release an update that introduces AI traffic, I'm sure they've already considered the possible issues with it and have solutions for it.
  4. To answer your actual question, there is only one guaranteed way to stop trolling and that is to simply make all servers non-collision, as well as disabling all methods of communication and disabling of player names and tags. This would not be a good thing.
  5. I occasionally try to increase my completion score, but the main problem is the way SCS built the map; personally, the individual fuel stops alongside motorways should automatically be added as you drive past them, but instead you have to drive into them, then pass it again just so you can get the section of motorway completed as well.
  6. I live in the UK, but spend 99% of my time in ETS2 on Continental Europe; I rarely drive in the UK anymore because that part of the map is so dull. As a result, my trucks all have their steering wheel on the left.
  7. If I have to send any kind of message whether it's on my phone, Steam or the game itself, I pull over first. It's actually fairly realistic in how dangerous it can be to do either of those while driving in the game. I did it once when I first started playing and nearly ended up hitting the central barrier on a motorway, so I decided not again
  8. I don't drive in either of the options in the poll. The map is vast, so why stick to just a small section of it? For the most part, I tend to spend some time in certain regions, before doing some long haul deliveries and then spending some time in that region. Usually, I'll be in Scandinavia, the Baltics, France and Italy.
  9. Mine is set to Simple Automatic because I don't have a shifter yet, and I've never really liked using manual shifting on controllers.
  10. Lowering of speed limits has always been the go-to when it comes to preventing collisions in ETS2MP, but in regards to the C-D Road I don't see it being beneficial simply for the fact that recklessness is the main cause of collisions on that road. Lowering the speed limit isn't going to magic those collisions away, but what it will do is encourage a lot of the reckless people that use it to move away to other areas with no such reduced speed limit, which will then blight another area; in time, we'd then see people calling for that new area to have new speed limits imposed on it. The C-D Road has a reputation as being a very risky road to drive on, and frankly I don't see any reason to change that. Those who choose to use the road are doing so at their own risk knowing the dangers involved, which means people like myself who don't want to drive in such a risky environment know exactly where to avoid.
  11. I honestly don't really bother with using the horn or flashing the lights to greet people because if you do it to everyone who passes you or does the same to you, it'd become a bit tedious. It's like when I have to say 'Hi' and 'Bye' to every passenger that gets on my bus on a daily basis, after the first 10 minutes it becomes monotonous and by the end of the first hour, I'm no longer being sincere when I'm saying 'Have a good day'.
  12. Hah, no. I wouldn't go back to Calais, Duisburg or the C-D Road in a million years. I have to put up with enough idiots on the real roads in my day job, I don't want to have to deal with them on ETS2MP. I've never understood the logic of people saying "I go to the C-D Road because it's populated" - That mentality is exactly why much of the map is dead, because people don't move around. There are plenty of places that are populated, and if everyone stopped hording the C-D Disaster, the game would be more interesting in more places overall.
  13. McclaudEagle

    Cars ?

    The subject on the Scout keeps coming up because of the following. 1. People completely blow the problem of cars way out of proportion 2. Some people are deluded enough to believe that removing the cars would somehow solve the problem of trolls, without thinking that they'll just go back to using trucks, which are comparatively worse. I won't deny that cars are often used by trolls as a weapon, but removing the car is the same as game DRM; it only harms the people who use it legitimately. Remove the cars and all that will happen is the troll will simply go back to using a truck, which is worse because they can then hook up a trailer and start blocking entire roads with it.
  14. "What to do in Duisburg?" Find the nearest and fastest exit out and never return.
  15. You mention about how the game should be about fun and speed should be allowed, and then in the very same post, you describe how driving a sensible speed resulted in you being hit, no doubt by someone who was driving too fast; in effect, you're advocating the very behaviour that caused the collision with your truck. I don't understand this mentality from so many people on these forums. You buy a game called Euro Truck Simulator 2, and then complain that TruckersMP is lowering speed limits to realistic levels. Why are you playing a game about trucks, which are inherently slow, and then complaining about having to go slower? It makes literally no sense. It's like complaining that the train you're driving in Train Simulator can't take off and fly to Menorca or something.
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