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  1. It might not have occurred to you, but mod development takes time, especially when it's being done by an unpaid team who can only work on it in their free time. Perhaps instead of whinging, you should express gratitude for the fact the TruckersMP team are working tirelessly to make it compatible. Modding takes time, and I know this from personal experience as a Bethesda game modder.
  2. I use a wired Xbox One controller, but eventually plan to get a wheel, shifter and pedal set.
  3. I started playing ETS2MP in April, 2018 and in that time, I haven't reported a single player. Anyone here could deliberately hit me tomorrow, and I wouldn't do anything about it; I won't even voice or text chat you about it. I have encountered lots of bad players, some of whom have hit me on purpose, but I'm just not interested in reporting anyone. Now, I appreciate some people might view that with a degree of disapproval; after all, I'm essentially letting these people get away with this nonsense. However, I'd like people to factor in something. I spend almost every single day, all day, on the road behind the wheel of a bus. I see some of the most horrendous driving you could imagine, and I have to put up with a lot of unpleasantness as a result which can cause a lot of stress. Do I really want to sit here and take things personally and get stressed because people are driving badly in ETS2MP? No, it's just a game.
  4. The rules are perfectly clear to me, and it boils down to one simple thing; don't drive like an idiot. Honestly, most of the rules are very, very simple, the only ones that MIGHT be more difficult to understand are the ones surrounding modding.
  5. Hate to break it to you, but the law on this in most modern countries is that the person merging is responsible for ensuring the lane they wish to move into is clear, which would make most collisions involving a lane merge their fault.
  6. After reading this thread, I decided to take a look at some videos made by Tony 747 and it became pretty clear to me that he causes a lot of crashes due to his reckless driving. I watched two videos and this is what I found: Hit an admin head on mid-overtake Rear-ended someone because he's driving too fast, and far, far too close Got himself hit after attempting to (at speed) pass a truck carelessly moving into his lane Brake checked someone because they were using their horn at him too much, which resulted in a collision Rear-ends a car because he's too busy trying to avoid letting someone push in Someone pulls out on him, and he makes no attempt to slow down before the collision All that in just two videos; videos I should remind you he has the audacity to call "Idiots on the Road". Every one of the above collisions could have been avoided or the damage reduced had he been following the rules properly and driving sensibly. Does that answer the question of this thread?
  7. I didn't know PSV was divided into classes, unless it's an outdated system. As soon as I passed my PSV test in 2017, I was allowed to drive both single and double deck buses; shows on my licence as Cat D and D1.
  8. I'm 28 with a car and PSV (bus) driving license. I play ETS2 usually when I need to unwind, and when I can't afford to do my other hobby which is recreational... ...driving. Fuel costs a fair bit these days.
  9. You should count yourself lucky it's 110 km/h. If the admins wanted to go full on simulation, you'd be forced to do 90 km/h as that's the legal maximum speed for trucks in the EU which is adhered to by a legal requirement for trucks to be fitted with a speed limiter. If you don't like doing the speed limits, either use one of the Arcade servers, or pack it up and play Forza or Need For Speed.
  10. Perhaps a Logitech G29 or G920? They're supposed to be really good, but they are a bit pricey from what I've seen. Not sure if you can get the wheel only, or if it's all a package.
  11. Hello I'm Scott, I'm 28 and I live in the Midlands of the UK (seem to be quite a few of us). In my day job, I'm a slave to the baying public - Sorry, *ahem* I'm a bus driver. My time with truck simulators actually started back in the days of 18 Wheels of Steel: American Long Haul, but it would be years and years before I'd eventually end up on ETS2. In my spare time, I either play games, design games, hang out with friends or work/drive my car. I love driving which is why I went into transport (although it's a different kind of driving, one that sorta sucks when it comes to buses), but my car's odometer is a testament to just how much I love driving outside the job.
  12. My ETS2 overall time is 323 hours total played. My ATS total played time is 2 hours. I just prefer Europe and European trucks, so unfortunately ATS is never really going to get played in the future and will sit in my Steam library gathering metaphorical dust.
  13. If the developers are indeed planning to release an update that introduces AI traffic, I'm sure they've already considered the possible issues with it and have solutions for it.
  14. To answer your actual question, there is only one guaranteed way to stop trolling and that is to simply make all servers non-collision, as well as disabling all methods of communication and disabling of player names and tags. This would not be a good thing.
  15. I occasionally try to increase my completion score, but the main problem is the way SCS built the map; personally, the individual fuel stops alongside motorways should automatically be added as you drive past them, but instead you have to drive into them, then pass it again just so you can get the section of motorway completed as well.
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