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  1. McclaudEagle

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    If people don't drive like an idiot, they won't get banned. Myself, and many other players (most definitely the majority) haven't been banned because we don't drive like idiots, so as long as you keep things clean, the lengthy punishments won't apply to you.
  2. British Isles; we need Ireland, and Great Britain is in serious need of being re-developed to make it look better and bring it to current DLC/reworked Germany standards.
  3. McclaudEagle

    How Many Web Reports Have You Submitted ?

    In total: 0 - I don't bother
  4. I avoid the C-D Road at all costs; I deal with enough traffic and idiots in my real job, don't really fancy having to put up with them here. Personally, I've never seen the attraction to the road; it's like driving down the M25 if it was in a Mad Max movie without guns.
  5. McclaudEagle

    Disgusted By Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC

    Virtually Everything you just said is pure rubbish. If they're "only out for money" as you so claim, why then is ETS2 and its DLCs (excluding Beyond the Baltic Sea) currently on sale on Steam for between 50% and 75% off? ETS2 was first released in October, 2012. Name, off the top of your head, as many game developers you can that continue to support their games, including the releases of patches, updates and large-scale DLCs a whole 6 years from their game's original launch. I'll happily wait. To make this fair, we should ignore MMOs. When ETS2 was first released, the map was still pretty sizeable, and would take a fair amount of time to get around; it was still considerably larger than maps of any other game at the time of its release for driving games. Fuel (2009) was one of handful of games with a larger map for driving, and its level of detail was abysmal due to its immense size. "They brought out ATS before they've even finished ETS2, it tells you everything really." Yeah, it tells me SCS actually care about their products and customers, and continue to shower us with good quality content, bug fixes and updates. So yeah, let's just slag off a company that, for the past 6 years, has refused to simply move on and abandon ETS2, but instead continues to support it by providing bug fixes, updates and good DLC like Italia and Scandinavia. How dare SCS actually care about their products and customers. How dare SCS allow people to create such amazing mods like ETS2MP; which you are presently using.
  6. McclaudEagle

    Discussions about players

    I recommend @McclaudEagle because he's just awesome
  7. McclaudEagle

    AI vehicles in ETS2MP

    Yes, but only with certain conditions implemented with it. Only spawning AI in areas with consistently low player traffic. Ensuring that should the player traffic limit be reached, the AI traffic is gradually despawned. Ensuring that should an AI vehicle be hit, it will automatically be despawned.
  8. McclaudEagle

    Vans instead of cars

    To be honest, most pilot vehicles I've seen on the roads in the UK tend to be wagon cars, like BMW 5-Series wagons. I haven't seen that many pilot vans; that said, I wouldn't mind a van being in the game so long as it doesn't replace the car.
  9. Probably not a good idea I do like ETS2MP a lot, but without a doubt my favourite game is definitely The Witcher 3 with all DLCs.
  10. McclaudEagle

    Bullied for having a slower truck than others

    My truck is a Scania S580 and the difference in acceleration between it and a Scania S730 is definitely noticeable; however, I've rarely been cut off so maybe it depends on where you drive?
  11. McclaudEagle

    I am a Real Truck Driver

    Ignore them. Unless you're actually breaking the rules, there's nothing those people can do about it. I personally drive at a realistic speed in both the car and truck, and I often find myself with someone behind me driving like a lunatic, flashing their lights and hitting their horn because I'm not moving for them or going faster; I just ignore them.
  12. McclaudEagle

    Skoda - Our friend or enemy?

    The Scout is hated a lot because the people who hate it can't seem to grasp one basic, simple fact; the Scout is NOT the problem, trolls are. Getting rid of the Scout is NOT going to get rid of trolls; they'll simply move back onto trucks. Then there's also the group who feel that it shouldn't be in the game because it's a trucking sim. Just stop whining and play the damn game how YOU want to play it; stop berating people like me for wanting to drive a car. Me driving a car does NOT in anyway shape or form affect your gaming experience. I've absolutely had enough of people whinging about the Scout when the Scout itself is not the problem. Direct your hate at the stupid trolls who use them, not the car or people like me who enjoy using it properly.
  13. McclaudEagle

    Do I need a racing wheel to play on truckersmp?

    I use a wired Xbox One controller which allows very accurate steering, but I imagine a wheel and pedal set would be the best, if you can afford it.
  14. McclaudEagle

    How Much Money Do You Have Ingame?

    Making money on MP + EU#2 is easy so long as you drive carefully; most areas aren't infested with trolls and other bad drivers like the C-D area is. If you're trying to turn a profit in the C-D area though, you need to employ all your skills, common sense and ability to "read the road". Equally, just stop trying to turn a profit on the C-D area. Complaining that it's impossible or very hard to turn a profit there is like walking into a lion's den, putting on a coat made of meat, and then complaining that you got bitten. To answer the question of the thread; I have about £99 million which hasn't been modded in, but the vast majority of that is from the AI drivers in all the garages I own.
  15. McclaudEagle

    Italy DLC

    The Italia DLC is good, but there's one downside to it; all the damn toll booths. No idea why SCS thought people would enjoy having to stop every 5 minutes for a toll booth.