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  1. McclaudEagle

    Speed Limiter

    Considering there have been an almost unending number of threads about getting rid of the speed limit, I can safely say no, you're not the only one to have thought about it. Why get rid of it though? The speed limit in ETS2MP is more than fast enough so I don't understand why you'd feel a need to get rid of it. Removing the speed limit would only increase the number of preventable collisions.
  2. I'm buying the dashcam as we speak
  3. McclaudEagle

    Who wants vans?

    But we need something to pick a fight with the car drivers; vans are perfect for that. They seem to do it all the time in real life.
  4. McclaudEagle

    Who wants vans?

    I'm just imagining now a scourge of typical white van men running around ETS2MP causing chaos and thinking they own the road
  5. McclaudEagle

    Germany Rework

    The biggest thing that surprised me about the rework is that they started in Germany. I personally would have thought it more logical to start from the top of the map (Scotland, UK) and work their way down, rather than start in the middle. Perhaps they had ETS2MP in mind when they did it as Germany is one of the busiest areas in the game. Apart from that, I definitely welcome it as the reworked areas look so much nicer than the original ones. It'll be great when the whole map has finally been reworked.
  6. McclaudEagle

    Who wants vans?

    There are probably no vans in ETS2MP because SCS won't include them due to it being a truck simulator, and I imagine the ETSMP team are focusing on more important things than implementing vans. Vans would be nice, as I used to drive them and they're great, but I don't imagine it'll happen anytime soon, if at all.
  7. McclaudEagle

    coca-cola trailer

    For those who do not appear to understand what the connection is, Coca Cola have an advert campaign running through the Christmas period where they have red trucks decorated with lights and Santa on the side holding a bottle of Coca Cola. For reference. Happens in America, the UK, and plenty of other countries.
  8. Without a doubt the best moments on ETS2MP is when karma strikes. Always gives me a good chuckle when I see some idiot racing down the road, only to come across them a minute later having rolled over because they took a corner too fast.
  9. McclaudEagle

    Which trailer do you prefer?

    Normal; double's are a pain in the backside to reverse into the loading bays.
  10. McclaudEagle

    C-D route accidents

    I only rarely use the C-D road, and I never do so in the truck, only the car. Too many idiots use that road so I just hang back, do the speed limit and watch the carnage unfold. Overtaking is just too dangerous, even in the car.
  11. I don't get stressed; it's just a game. Why get stressed out over someone crashing into my digital truck?
  12. McclaudEagle

    Road collision

    I've never reported anyone, regardless of whether the collision was intentional or not. I don't sit there yelling "REC-ban" over and over, nor do I record any of it. I've got enough stress driving professionally for real, why would I want to bring that into a game? It's just a game to me. I had a guy recently total himself and I ended up crashing into the side of him; his fault, but he apologised and that was it. He did some numerical damage to my digital truck; not like he wrecked my real car
  13. McclaudEagle

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    Sounds good to me. I like the idea of having the Krone bits on the trailer's chassis like real companies do, but I was not going to be happy with not being able to get rid of the Krone livery on the walls or doors, otherwise there'd be no point in getting the DLC.
  14. McclaudEagle

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    Can you actually paint the trailer, or are you only allowed to keep the standard Krone livery?
  15. I just hope they provide us with a lot more single-carriageway roads. Gets a bit boring when it's mostly just motorway.