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  1. Nope. Only two instances I've recorded footage in the game is one where I was demonstrating a bug, and another time when I just felt like recording a journey to show someone the game. I never have, nor will I ever record a session for the purpose of dealing with trolls.
  2. Might as well post the few I have; I'm not particularly fond of bus driving so I don't really take any photos of the job or the buses. Yeah, my bus got shot at by some idiots armed with an air rifle.
  3. The community has been asking for extra vehicles, and it's good that you're interested in adding some...but I'm failing to see the point of your execution of it. If you can just add vehicles to the servers, why don't you just do it? What's the point in going through all the effort of making polls every two weeks if you're able to just add them all instantly and call it a day?
  4. McclaudEagle

    About Buses

    As an actual bus driver in real life...please, for the love of all that is holy, no
  5. If there were no TAB option, then running a red light would be more dangerous and I wouldn't do it. You can't really rely in the GPS because it doesn't show players early enough, and the truck's built-in one doesn't have enough FOV to see beyond a small area, especially to the rear and sides.
  6. I only proceed through red lights if there is no one on my TAB list. There's honestly little point in sitting there if you're the only person around except for realism simulation; as much as I like realism simulation, I get tired enough of sitting at traffic lights in real life that shouldn't even be on, so doing it in a game isn't exactly my idea of fun.
  7. Suggestion Name: Remove/Change the Scout's TSI Engine Suggestion Description: This suggestion is to consider the removal or change of the Scout car's TSI engine. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: One of the largest complaints about the Scout car is the sound from the petrol TSI engine. When a Scout with the TSI engine passes other players, it is intrusively loud and obnoxious; so I propose two solutions: Change the sound of the TSI engine to that of the TDI engine until a more suitable sound can be used. Simply remove the TSI engine. While the second solution might make more sense, I am aware that removing the TSI engine could introduce complications for players that own a Scout with a TSI engine installed.
  8. This is a ridiculous argument. People may not have 5 hours of free time per day, which then begs the question as to why they're playing a game based on using some of the slowest vehicles on the roads in the world to make long distance deliveries. People should be allowed to play it, but using lack of free time is a poor excuse for why speed limits shouldn't be imposed. Then what DO you think should be the speed limit? 90 km/h an hour in a vehicle that weighs 25+ tons is more than enough, and if people feel they need to go faster, then may I suggest a game designed for that, like Forza Horizon 4? OR, perhaps the version of #EU2 suggested by FernandoCR?
  9. I think at this point I'd be happy with EU1 simply allowing cars just so I can migrate away from the people on EU2 who struggle to comprehend the idea of driving normally. Please, please make this a reality; I'll even appeal to the Gods of Rome, Egypt and even the Norse Gods at this point.
  10. 130 km/h translates to 80 mph, and is the maximum speed limit for the vast majority of motorways in Europe, with the exception of certain parts of Germany. While it's not a realistic top speed for 99% of production cars on the road today, it is a realistic top speed limit for probably 70% of Europe. And yes, while the idea of the car is to behave like a car, the reality is that the car in ETS2MP still doesn't actually behave like a real car would; for a start, its steering is far too unresponsive which presents serious problems at higher speeds.
  11. To be honest, the only two problems with the Scout car now are: 1. The poor steering response; it lacks the snappy, responsive steering cars normally have 2. The current issue with the suspension/physics, although I'm not sure if that's been fixed because the car has been edited recently, but I haven't tested that. I'd like to see a compromise whereby cars are allowed in EU1, but where they're not able to be like unguided missiles, and aren't used to rake in huge amounts of cash via the caravan deliveries. Maybe I'm just biased because I like abiding by the rules in the Scout...unlike real life where my actual car gets used a little more spirited (I didn't get it remapped to 220HP and 360Nm of torque to drive like an old fart).
  12. @FernandoCR [ESP] Would you consider, if it were possible for the team to implement, a slight increase on car speed limits for EU1; to a realistic degree of course? Talking about max speeds of 60mph (96kmh) or 70mph (112kmh) given that those are real speed limits in most of Europe, and the car is a bit more stable and more car-like than it used to be. I could see that as a good compromise, especially if you nerfed the rewards for caravan deliveries to a more sensible and realistic level (or removed them completely from EU1) as that would probably only really leave people like me who want to drive the car in a simulated way.
  13. "Rec" is short for record; they're telling everyone that if they do something wrong, they'll likely be recorded and that recording sent to the moderators. If you see someone in chat say "Rec XXX", then that means whoever XXX is (XXX being their ID) has potentially done something the driver saying it has perceived as bad, and they have recorded the event.
  14. When the car pulled itself to the right, it did so in a manner similar to skidding out, and it happened far faster than is possible to steer using a controller. I'm not sure if the speed was affected, not that it mattered because the car turned and entered the opposing lanes far faster than I was able to deal with and didn't pay any attention to the speed when it happened.
  15. Hello I seem to be having a bit of a problem with the Scout car lately; it seems the car has decided it no longer wants to be a car, but rather an unguided missile. I had merged onto the M90 from the road from Aberdeen when my car suddenly lost control for no apparent reason. It basically pulled itself sharp right and crossed both sides of the M90 before crashing into the grass verge on the opposing side of the road; fortunately, it managed to miss two truckers coming the other way. Is it possible with the updated physics that the car is bottoming out on certain road/junction pieces?
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