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  1. The road itself is good; problem is, there are too many idiots on it that have no clue how to drive and crashes are pretty much inevitable. It's the only road in the entire game I avoid like the plague.
  2. How many more of these pointless threads need to be opened before people will get the hint that TruckersMP do not want to raise the speed limit? There is already a discussion going on right now about the speed limit:
  3. Best thing you can do is just ignore it; ultimately, no player who shouts "rec ban" can actually legitimately say that because it's not up to them to determine if any punishment for whatever perceived offence will happen.
  4. The simple answer is no. The technology and storage space Microsoft requires to pull their world off in the new MS Flight Simulator is far beyond what SCS Software could hope to afford or manage. Keep in mind, MS Flight Simulator means the player is spending the vast majority of their time in the air, high above the landscape and urban areas. SCS Software would have a significantly harder time because their games are set on the ground, which means the high level of graphical detail also needs to be on the ground, not in the air; this would effectively more than double the amount of computing power and storage space needed. To put it simply, Microsoft can afford to do what they're doing, SCS would not. There is also the gameplay perspective; having a fully rendered 1:1 ratio world would mean that the time it takes to get from one city to another would be the same as it does in real life. This isn't so bad if, like MS Flight Simulator, you're flying at speeds anywhere between 150 and 700 mph, but doing it at the speed a truck drives would become extremely tedious.
  5. While I would love to see another car added, the existing one needs to be finished before anyone can think of a second one.
  6. I think the inclusion of FMOD is a step in the right direction. Yes, there are problems but as SCS pointed out, they're going to be continuously rolling out updates for it in order to deal with them. I definitely like the ability to open the cab window, and hope that in the future they make the sound effects much better to accommodate it.
  7. ETS2MP is where I made the majority of the £280 million my profile has (admittedly, garages account for 95% or more of this), so it definitely is possible to make money. If you don't already, you should strongly consider driving on less densely populated routes to earn money; 99% of my deliveries are completed without any complication or damage, so don't say it's not possible; it's easy.
  8. I've never actually seen a short trailer on a motorway in the UK in all the time I've been driving.
  9. I wouldn't drive one of those small trailers because frankly, they look ridiculous to me; I always drive around with a standard sized trailer. And yes, the trailers are real and used in the UK, but they're by no means common. I've only ever seen a handful and they're usually only used for inner city or inner town small stores.
  10. When I go out and buy a game called Forza Motorsport which is a marketed as a racing game, I expect to be able to go fast. When I bought ETS2, marketed as a truck driving simulation game, I certainly didn't have any expectation about being able to drive fast. This is why I find it ridiculous that people want to drive at high speeds; you bought a game knowing it was about driving one of the slowest types of road vehicles on the planet, why is there an obsession with increasing the speed limit to unrealistic levels? As for your point about 'not having a chance to see other players'; how would increasing the speed limit make any change to this? All increasing the speed limit would achieve is that everyone's driving to the new, higher speed and thus you still won't see any more people than you do now simply because you won't catch up to them either. Whether the speed limit is 110 km/h or 130 km/h, your chance of seeing more people on your side of the road doesn't exactly increase by any substantial degree. If you're not happy with speed limits, don't play a server that is meant for simulation driving, it really is that straightforward. To address your final point; I never said that 'my' enjoyment was ruined by reckless driving (I don't get hit even remotely often enough to care), just that for plenty of other people, it isn't fun and I can't blame them; I've been on a very long delivery and as I got about 200 miles away from the destination, someone who was speeding and driving recklessly forced his way into my lane and pushed my truck over the central barrier into opposing traffic. How can that be fun for anyone? To be honest, I don't even know why people are still discussing the speed limit; it's been set to what it is for a reason because the owners want a simulation experience and clearly no amount of discussion has or likely will change that. If people don't like it, they're more than welcome to learn how to make their own multiplayer mod instead of insisting the owners of TruckersMP bow to their demands.
  11. Because reckless driving isn't limited to just one road, it's everywhere; I don't go anywhere near the C-D Road and yet I've been crashed into in plenty of other places. Why should someone who can't control their vehicle ruin the enjoyment of others who can? I also find it somewhat ironic that you claim you can't understand why people hate reckless driving so much; I could equally say I don't understand how you could advocate the removal of a speed limit in a game that isn't meant for high speed driving, and that perhaps you should play a game meant for it.
  12. I've been playing ETS2MP since 2018. Have I changed as a person? No; my actions and driving habits in the game come from my skills and experience of driving in real life, not the other way around. I don't think I've changed as a player either.
  13. The TruckersMP team have to strike a sensible balance between realism and fun. Too much realism and it no longer becomes fun for the majority of players; too little and it becomes an arcade game like NFS. Given that the game punishes you for running red lights (provided you have it enabled), there doesn't seem to be a real reason to enforce such a rule from a moderation or development point of view because like I said, the vast majority of traffic lights exist outside the densely populated areas and would make it unnecessary and annoying having to stop knowing there's no one else around.
  14. I've always found the price of the DLCs to be fair; a lot of work goes into the large DLCs and that costs money, so it's only right that SCS get some financial reward in return for it.
  15. The problem with a lot of these ideas is that they seem to be based on how it will affect the busy areas, paying no mind to how it would affect everywhere else. The vast majority of the map isn't highly populated, and running a red light is perfectly safe to do because there's a really, really small chance of encountering another player at the same intersection at the same time. What would be the point of forcing people to stop for red lights in these areas when there's nothing around?
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