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  1. Until 1.36 Scania. Now, I dont know... The sound of Scania engine's...
  2. Simple: USA <> Europe It is a joke. I thing like you, the speed limit should be 120 kmph in ETS.
  3. I won a DLC. My profile is https://truckersmp.com/user/2872760. How can i get it?
  4. Hello! I'm very happy. I won a DLC on Christmas Giveaway and I want to know how I can get it. Thank you, guys!!
  5. Hello!!! I won a DLC on Christims Giveaway. Thank you, guys!

    I want to know how can I get it


    1. NeonLeon


      If you win, we will attempt to contact the Discord account connected to your TruckersMP profile ;) 

    2. JotaEme


      Obrigado! Está ativado! 

  6. It's the question that does not want to shut up.
  7. As Tangle said: "The reason all this matters for TruckersMP is because the mod has to know how to use the same API that the game is using in order to show its own HUD and menus and stuff. It has to draw on the image the same way the game is set to draw its image. If DX11 wasn't supported in MP in the next update, then you wouldn't see any of the MP text or menus when you loaded the game in DX11. That's all. Of course, making MP use a new API is just as hard as it was for SCS to make their game engine use a new API. That's the proper explanation". That simple!!!
  8. blá blá blá... I want a solution.
  9. Well! Now prepare for version 1.35. lol
  10. Who wins Spring giveaway???

  11. I really like the update. Every update is good. I especially liked the sound of the engine - soft. I needed to learn to drive, after that, easy ... a tiger like a kitten. Leave the new Renault, Scania, Volvo, ...!
  12. JotaEme

    error 500

    Yes! Thank you very much!
  13. JotaEme

    error 500

    What happening? + 2 days!!!
  14. Solved. Its working.
  15. I will try and thank you by a fast reply. If doesn't work i will question again. Have a nice day!
  16. and in chat, if you want to send a private message type "/pm [connection number]" (without quotes) and write the message. Only the recipient player will read it.
  17. "Patience is a virtue" and is very difficult too! But practice makes perfect! I will remember this...
  18. When will the locomotive and the slide be arranged? Just pick them up in multiplayer and we'll be kicked ...
  19. Uau! I didn't know about this... Cool, man!
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