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  1. I have it but where do I put black rims on it?
  2. so im driving around in the skoda when I see most people with different coloured rims (I haven't been on ETS2 for a while) but how do I do it is it save editing? if so can someone get me a video or something? thanks Bradley
  3. we will have to wait till 1.32 fully comes out them we will have it in tmp how to get 1.32 beta 1. open steam and click library this is at the top of your screen when you enter steam 2. find euro truck simulator 2 3. right click on ets2 4. go to properties [this will be at the bottom] 5. click the betas tab from there you will see a box that should say public_beta change that to 1.32 public beta 6. click check code [ dont put anything in the type box] 7. load up the game as normal PLEASE NOTE: IF IT SAYS CAN NOT LOAD STEAM INVENTORY I
  4. hello if you have been pretending to be a game moderator like blocking traffic or you have been using police accessories like the police skin or the police beacons or you could have been mistreated from reporting people they may have took it as spam reporting
  5. hello if you want to talk hold 'x' it is push to talk so you have to hold it if you want to turn the cb radio off [you might want to do this as sometimes in busy areas people blast music and can be annoying] look up in your truck and the radio will be near the roof of your truck click the tab button on your keyboard and click the button on the right of the radio hope i solved your question P1nk
  6. P1NK


    hello make sure you only have open truckers mp dont have anything open also try updating your drivers i had this struggle when i started playing on my new laptop HP omen Core i7 4gb ram nvidia 1050 ti i updated drivers and it worked like a dream
  7. hello there, did you spam report at any time in the past or recently? if you have this is probably why. they really dont like to be spammed with anything really. also did you put in a fake report in on someone or just small things like calling you an idiot in chat this isnt a serious matter. hope i helped P1nk
  8. Finally got my response for community moderator i didnt put enough detail into it. gonna try harder next time

  9. One day to go till it’s officially 1 month that I put in my recruitment for moderator. Please note: I’m not complaining I know you are all very busy with the applications I’m just saying it’s 1 month.;)

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    2. El1teZombiezHD


      @Graywolf. I see what you did there :troll:

    3. P1NK


      @Graywolf. 3 bans are alowed. Do your research before you comment something

  10. Hi it’s been answered thanks
  11. Hi guys is the pilot car glitch fixed yet I’ve not been able to go on tmp for a while so wondering if anyone can answer my question
  12. hi there if people are not moving but wheels are spinning this is the games way as representing lag on their screen they are either moving or not. hope i helped P1nk
  13. so ive still got no reply im checking like every 20 mins. my old recruitment i put in was support and that took 4 days same with social media. does this mean they have lots of applications or am i in the chance of getting it ???




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      na 3 bans is allowed

    3. TrademarkGamer


      I have an application on "New" from the 17th of Feb. It can take a while sometimes.


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