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  1. Take the TruckersMP banner logo that heads your post, and put it on some outdoor vinyl. Boom i'm sold.
  2. Gimme those piggyback trucks PLEASE.
  3. Really like the Nordic areas. Lots of trees and narrow streets are my thing. Not to mention you can pull doubles up there.
  4. I clipped a curb the other day, and with the wonderful physics engine ETS2 uses ended up losing all control and smashing into a truck that was bobtailing. I immediately hit the CB to apologize, to which I get called retarded and that I was recorded and banned. Though I was a bit peeved at his kneejerk and unnecessary reaction after my apology, I wasnt really worried as I run with the Live/Rec tag and actually do both. Immediately clipped the whole thing so no concerns on my part. My opinion, if you are actually recording to NOT tell the offender you are. If you are going to use it in a report, let them figure out the hard way. Cause chances are, Game Moderators will look at it and toss it unless it is REALLY bad.
  5. It depends for me on a few things, mainly distance and load weight. The trucks in ETS are crazy top heavy, and the roads are pretty bad with minimal banking. Typically I set cruise at about 110kmh if im not pulling oversize loads, which is about 68mph and typical for US highway speeds. 90kmh (55mph) is way too slow when going on 1000km+ jaunts. Thats city speeds for me.
  6. [LazyT] Chickin


    MP time goes same speed as SP, its just instead of "pausing" when you are offline it continues on. Its simulated just like it were to be IRL, if you ran a TC and had drivers and went to sleep or did office work. Hiring drivers is a legit way to get money with minimal effort, but getting to that point can be a drag.
  7. You were just a piece of an inevitable collision. If you were to hit that truck, the result would have probably been the same .
  8. Mad props to @Terry A for his excellent moderating and traffic control this early morning. The smoothest load I have done yet.
  9. I think SCS pulled it for the Bratislava delivery, cause I didnt see it either.
  10. Yoooooo I started with 18 WOS: PTTM too! Saw it at Staples and had to have it. Played the piss out of that game. I still have a copy of it somewhere. Eventually I just simulated driving trucks in GTA games until I got a PC capable of running ATS/ ETS2 and its basically just like it was back then. Ive always wanted to do it as a career, but unfortunately due to medical conditions and federal regulations I feel its just not worth the paperwork or the hassle. I personally have a Chevy 2500 DMax and a 14' enclosed trailer so thats probably as close as I will get.
  11. I got all 10 of mine done, so now I just need to do 1 load to 5 terminals to get the rest of the achievement. Luckily, I play at like 2am EST so there is less players, but usually the same amount of toxicity. Only got jebaited from a booty touch once.
  12. If I am being passed, I have right of way up until we are neck and neck. I may pull over to allow more breathing room for the pass, but it isnt my responsibility to coddle people who cant judge a proper pass. You can see oncoming traffic on the minimap, and chances are if you are driving too fast to see oncoming traffic to render, you probably shouldnt be passing. Theres a word for people like that on the real roads. Dead.
  13. It makes sense, but the ping of players wont allow it even if people didnt drive like jackholes. Moderation team running traffic control, or "hiring" a team of non-mod players to run traffic control would help immensely, but I dont think they are organized enough to do that. With the amount of players on, there should be a mod at every intersection, but quite often I see no mods anywhere especially during the early morning. And if the moderation team cant get their ducks in a straight line, 200+ players certainly wont.
  14. I like both equally for different reasons. ETS2 I strictly only play as a MP game, because there is a larger community. The trucks arent my forte and the options on them can be lacking in my style department. ATS I usually only play as as SP game, as it lacks content so I have to mod it, but the roads and trucks are more familiar. The loads are also nicer looking and less restricted.
  15. I have a pilot car, but ive never used it. Honestly, if I had to pilot, I would just get an orange truck with one of the HD skins. The car sounds are just way too obnoxious and they all drive like theyre skating on ice.
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