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  1. It seems the SII Decrypter link is broken again. At least for me. Im registered on the SCS website but cannot view the thread its in because I "dont have access to view".
  2. Take the TruckersMP banner logo that heads your post, and put it on some outdoor vinyl. Boom i'm sold.
  3. If I am being passed, I have right of way up until we are neck and neck. I may pull over to allow more breathing room for the pass, but it isnt my responsibility to coddle people who cant judge a proper pass. You can see oncoming traffic on the minimap, and chances are if you are driving too fast to see oncoming traffic to render, you probably shouldnt be passing. Theres a word for people like that on the real roads. Dead.
  4. Hey guys, So as we all know, there are a lot of blocked inner city roads in the game, and a lot have traffic lights. Now normally in SP you would have AI traffic turning from these side streets, and AI traffic following the proper laws and doing as the AI do. But in MP we dont have the AI traffic thus really making those lights scenery. Ive seen a lot of players stop at them, being proper and all, and lots of people just running them. I myself used to belong to group A but have shifted to group B because I thought sitting at one was simply not needed. Also, in cities with no players, I typically treat them as stop signs or slow roll through them, as theres no real traffic laws in MP and theres no traffic to worry about (verified by the dots on the map). What are your thoughts and practices? Are there other times when you feel running a red is justified?
  5. So not sure exactly what it was, but I dropped the custom color paint (chose a stock metallic red) and set the rims and hubs to stock options and it worked. So not sure what went wrong where but something must be goofed with the permissions/ prerequisites for the accessory screening.
  6. So I was modifying my truck to look like my SP truck (I like to do heavy hauls), and when I finished up it said something about "move or you will be kicked" and then "kicked for non-truck accessory" I tried removing a few things that might have caused the error without decimating my truck, but every time I restart the game (is there an easier way to retry connection?) I get the same server error. My save file, aside from being a duplicate of my core SP save, has no mods applied to it (all Steam Workshop mods removed) and only has the SCH core DLC attached. So not really sure why I keep getting it. Truck specs as follows, if something is wrong let me know so I can re-make my truck as im reverting it back to a vanilla setup. Peterbilt 389 Daycab Modern Flare Bumper Oversize Load Banner Front Flags Front Mirrors Exclusive Sideskirts Horn Adapter Super Roar Horn (x2) Double Radiant Beacons Mudguards Removed Custom Paint on all parts
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