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  1. I did fully remove the game and install it again before, without any effect.
  2. Hello, So I made exlusion for TMP and ETS2 in my antivirus but that didn't help. To the second solution, I already reinstalled TruckersMP twice deleting all of it's files before installing it again. And that didn't change anything.
  3. Hello, I would be thankful if you read what I wrote before replying to my question. I did already read the article and watched the video before typing it out.
  4. After I went from 1.42 beta back to 1.41 the game instead of launching threw in error: "The game filesystem failed to initialize, aborting now" I reinstalled the game twice. The only things that work are either turning off real time protection in windows antivirus or writing down to launch options: -homedir "C:\Users\xxxx\Documents". Though it's not a complete solution to my problem since I still can't use for example TruckersMP launcher because it throws the error at me again. The second time I uninstalled the game I deleted all the files associated with ETS2 only backing up profile data on a different drive. I also fully uninstalled TrucksBook and reinstalled TruckersMP. What should I do now?
  5. I pretty much agree with this. I think one way to solve this problem would be to make bans more strict. The idea I read above about ban evading and turning up requirements to more hours of gameplay would work along well.
  6. How its going? :)


    1. [VE] Malba

      [VE] Malba

      Pretty calm, for now, what about you?

    2. bobi124


      Lazy .....

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