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  1. JuNGoo7

    My new vtc

    I am not playing this month ets2 so its more complicated xDD but I am already doing a site, discord, and trucksbook: https://air-logistic.webnode.cz/ https://trucksbook.eu/company/41769 I wouldn't allow driving in my company over 100km/h This is the reason why I left previous vtc and made a new one. Because of professionality. And also I want instead of 3000km per month 500km required I am not giving up. what do you think guys?
  2. JuNGoo7

    My new vtc

    After year of driving for one great vtc I am thinking about making my own. Any tips?
  3. How its going? :)


    1. [VE] Malba

      [VE] Malba

      Pretty calm, for now, what about you?

    2. bobi124


      Lazy .....

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