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    East Midlands, UK
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    Martial Arts, Gaming, Photography, Cars, Trucks/busses, RC Vehicles
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    California: San Francisco
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    Sweden: Malmö
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About Me

Hey, I see you found my profile. Here is a bit of info about what I do around here:

  • Peace Keeper at VirtualBus, part of the VirtualHub group
  • Senior Management at Fast Cargo VTC

In the past you may have found me as:

  • Chief Operating Officer at Fast Cargo VTC
  • Game Moderator Team Leader at TruckersMP
  • Project Manager at Tour o Matic (Previously WOTRDB)
  • Convoy Control Manager at Cooper's Freightmaster VTC
  • Flagship Gaming Volunteer [Team Leader] at Flagship Gaming Group
  • TeamSpeak Server Admin Team Leader at Fireslayer20's Gaming Hangout
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