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  1. Thank you for your incredible Support! ;)




    I,@Grundii, have been in this Team for just over 6 months, but it's really incredible how the time runs! Every minute I can contribute to improve this project makes me happy and thankful. I am grateful to be able to perform in the team as Support and Discord Moderator. Since I was able to join in this team I've found people who are very important for me now. Without them, I wouldn't be what I am now.


    Special thanks to:

    @Asatelon - First closer contact & friend for me within the Team, now we are best friends! Thank you so much! ^_^
    @GGF MD - Best manager & wonderful friend for me! You and @Ali. are doing your job with a lot of effort and happiness, that makes me really happy to be part of the Support Team! :lol:

    @Lasse - Very good friend for me. I still remember how I met you; when I was in a talk with several people, someone invited you randomly and you came :P

    @WentworthHFD - One of my first contacts & friends within the Team. Sad to see what happened! :(

    @Sabbi [GER] @Kid Fabi @[RLC] Elsassisch_Trucker @InvisibleRaptor - My best Support Team colleagues & friends! Thanks to the whole Support Team, it's amazing to work with you as a Team! B)

    @Moh_ - My best Discord Moderation Team colleague! Thank you for your friendly help! :)


    Finally, thanks to the whole player community of TruckersMP! Without you we wouldn't be there where we are right now!


    I want to let you know that this isn't a competition. I thank many more people for their efforts, this is a selection of some people of them.


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    2. Nomine [GER]

      Nomine [GER]

      I'm not mad at you for forgetting to mention me. :P:P

    3. szykaro23
    4. Lasse


      Congrats! Well deserved! <3

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