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  1. FIXED

    Pls careflly watch it
  2. Problem with account

    From here you can create a ticket and solve the problem. >>>>
  3. 1.31

    1 Ay felan sürecektir -tahminen.
  4. TruckersMP Real Operations V4

    nice ,i will be there
  5. sweden connections

    Hello, you need to have scandinavia dlc. The next step is to connect your profile to the world of truck. You can do it in the game. Sleeping 1 time in the hotel will solve the problem.
  6. Thanks for following mate :) 

    1. Forz.


      u are welcome m8 :P 

  7. Whats your favourite Truck colour?

    light blue, because it represents comfort
  8. How do you like the New Patch

    caravans made traffic jam but ı love it
  9. Thanks for following me! I have followed you back as a nice gesture :wub:

    1. Forz.


      Thank you mate, you are welcome <3 

  10. Taglar

    Serbest. Trial GM- Event Team vs vs yazmak yasaktır. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Tuned trucks or normal trucks ?

    ı like simple trucks too
  12. Login and password

    Hey First make sure that you are logged in to Steam which is associated with Truckersmp. Paste your password and email address into a new notepad. And paste it on the truckersmp screen. CTRL + V. If your problem persists, send a ticket here
  13. I'm tired of reckless driving.

    +1 You should change your route. D-C road has many trolls and sometimes admins are insufficient. ex./Oslo-Bergen
  14. Forz.'S Gallery

  15. Heavy Haul Convoy 22nd April 2018

    Great! I will be there