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  1. So here I am again, with a new problem. Now TruckersMP doesn't start anymore. I made a screenshot of the error message. The picture is below. Can someone tell me what this error message means? I am completely confused. I have an Internet connection, so why does he write Connection Error? Before the ETS2 update TruckersMP started and you could click on start until you got an error message because of a wrong version. But now after the update TruckersMP doesn't even start anymore and only this window appears.
  2. Oh I have just noticed while sending the thread that Steam has started an update for ETS2. So my question has been resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. Yesterday I got ETS 2 together with all DLCs and wanted to play TruckersMP with it. I've played the game before, but I was constantly kicked out of the game because I don't have any valid DLCs. Actually, it's completely bullshit, but it doesn't matter. Now I have ETS2 again, including all DLCs, the version is Now TruckersMP tells me that the game has no valid version. But there is no update on Steam?! So how am I supposed to play TruckersMP if Steam hasn't released a new update yet? I would be very pleased to receive an answer :).
  4. No, I didn't connect it. The only problem is that he is now telling me that the DLCs are incompatible. I have DLCs from the retail trade. Apparently they're not compatible with the Steam version. I'm gonna write the SCS support and call the retailer for a replacement. In Italy, however, I have WoT jobs again. Thanks for the Support.
  5. So I tested it in singleplayer. In Germany I have 3 pages full of WoT jobs. But they are just normal trailers, so there are not yachts or anything like that what have friends of me. There are no jobs in France. I just took a photo: Where I am in France, friends of mine have 4-5 pages full of WoT jobs. I, however, have nothing at all
  6. @[ST-E] T.Rucker I haven't tried it in singleplayer yet. But thanks for the tip. I'm gonna try this one right now.
  7. All right, thanks for that. I'll try it today and get back to you if it works out.
  8. So I had already had a savegame before, which was connected to the account. With my first account I had lots of jobs from WorldofTrucks like my friends. But I had then no interest on this account since the money was cheated. I deleted it and then started a new one. At first, he didn't want to connect. There came an error message where something with ".net" was written. I then restarted the game and created a new savegame. Then I could log in. But since then, it's all completely bugged out. I can't even do the event Trade Connections - Sweden. Although I have the DLC.
  9. Yes, all of my skills are at maximum. However, I did it to Max when I started ETS with TruckersMP. Not in single player. Could that be the reason?
  10. Hello dear TruckersMP Community. Since a few days I have the problem that I hardly have or get any more WorldofTrucks jobs. Yesterday I was in the city of Lion and wanted to start a WorldofTruck job together with my friends. Everyone had this job. I didn't have a single job in Lion, though. So I'm forced to take jobs from the freight market every time. Any of you have the problem, too? If so, how do you fix it? I also wanted to ask in the SCS forum, but my post was not published there. Kind regards CrowTearZz
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