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  1. Suggestion Name: Emergency Braking System. Suggestion Description: System that warns the driver if they are too close to the vehicle ahead of them with sound, light showing on the windscreen, distance showing on the dash and auto emergency stop, while warning drivers behind with brake lights on automatically and with high frequency hazard flash. Any example images: Added files are images. Why should it be added?: It should be added because it can prevent a lot of crashes that happen in the game, with that it is used irl. When people do slam on their brakes drivers behind are not warned but with this soon as they brake hard their hazards will auto turn on and flash at a high frequency warning the drivers behind that they are stopping, if people do and dont like this suggestion it should have a few settings in the menu e.g. What speed you are travelling before the auto breaks turn on, hazard speed, on and off options etc.
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    Any new updates/ upgrades in ETS2 any time soon?
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