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  1. Happy birthday

  2. Happy birthday! 🎉

  3. Happy birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday 🥳

  6. Hi @artnB, I hope that the following topic can help you out: I know that this topic are unsolved, but i hope it can help you out, otherwise just reply, and i will help you the best i can Best Greetings,
  7. Hi @ThunderLightning [Chriss], I cannot say why you have been banned from website, but i think it will be a good idea to make a support ticket on the website: https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create - They can help you out Otherwise reply to me, and i will try to do my best to help you out, but this looks like the support ticket system is better for that Best Greetings,
  8. Congrats with your Game Moderator role 🥳

  9. Hi @Golden Monkey, I can refer to this topic: I hope that it will help you out, if not you are more then welcome to reach out to my again Best Greetings,
  10. Hi @Bimpus, You could try resetting the game controls settings and try to reconfigure it so that you see if it's a game, pc or racing wheel issue. Best Greetings,
  11. Hi @oguzkerem32, I would refer to this article, which elaborates well on what you are asking for: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1572 Basically "bans will stay on your profile history". If you have any questions feel free to ask Best Greetings,
  12. Hi @.Alizée. This topic should hopefully answer your question. Otherwise you are more then welcome to reply, so i can help you out Best Greetings,
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