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  1. nice I will think about it Regards Performanze
  2. Yes I noticed that too. I have reportes one of them in the forum but it was declined because he would receive only a kick Regards Performanze
  3. No it isn't a good idea because now are the trailers for cars in the system and it would be very bad if cars could only drive 140. I think car drivers have only to drive better and more careful. Regards Performanze
  4. Yes. I also see many times that cars can't overtake on high speed because their are only two choises. The first: They crash you The second: He scrashes himself. So it would be very usefull if cars couldn't drive so fast Regards Performanze
  5. Looking great. Can‘t wait
  6. Very good idea. But i can only talk for my person. I have geforce expirience and shadow play. If i have accident I press alt and f10 and it saves the last two minutes so I can easily upload them to youtube and make a forum report Regards Performanze
  7. Very good idea. I had a friend who explained it to me but for others it would be easier with a tutorial. Regards Performanze
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