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  1. scania mighty griffin

    ohhh..i didnt notice that is only for Streamline thank to all of the guys for the support Thread : Closed Topic : Solved
  2. scania mighty griffin

    i have scania mighty griffin..but i DONT have the black steering wheel for the 2012 model..why is that? someone know?
  3. Picture of the Month: July

  4. Picture of the Month: July

  5. Warning sound for AFK kick

    from 1/2/2018 and they still didnt do that..so much importall add on the game..wait until 2019 maybe it will work
  6. Videos from Multiplayer

    np i forgive you,that day on video we just drive together for around 15-20min
  7. Videos from Multiplayer

    lol you are lord?? you remember me? 1:21 pause
  8. Picture of the Month: June

  9. retarter dont work

    windows update was the issue (LOL) the thread can close from the most FAIR game moderators and the most FAIR forum ever
  10. retarter dont work

    yes i know guys i allready have that gearbox,and also i dont push the throttle it works ONLY when i activate it and push the brake! i cant push brake + retarter!
  11. retarter dont work

    thanks for all replys,but i have it in steering wheel & keyboard but watch out..when i push it dont work..BUT when i hit the brakes retarted works but dont works the brakes
  12. retarter dont work

    hi,it happent only to me? retarter dont work!! you can see the moves from the button but not action..
  13. Released

    what is the problem in pic?
  14. new profile

    @RequieB the thread can close,thanks for help
  15. new profile

    hello to all,i try to search any thread for new profile but without luck,i can imagine that you make it in SP and then you go to MP to play? or need 2h of playing? thanks in advance