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  1. McGalcri

    Road to Simulation

    Hm... I dont think so if both have exactly the same. Right now are just 2 separated servers but nothing diferent between them. The experiment is to see what server will have more players just due the Speed Limit Following the Polls and players posts... SIMUATION 1 and 2 should exchange their players (in theory more people want to keep 110km/h limit), lets see what happens if that limit is only in SIMULATION 2. Easy
  2. McGalcri

    Road to Simulation

    Would be interesting a small experiment.... Simulation 1 and 2 servers, have exactly the same restrictions. Just remove speed limit (or use 150km/h as before) in SIMULATION 1 and leave SIMULATION 2 as it is... we will see how many players join on each server
  3. McGalcri

    Minimum speed

    Oh man... in a GAME when nobody is around, speed up is my own problem. I dont put anyone in danger... and of course, i dont try to make turns at 150km/h hahahaha, remember we still in a GAME, simulation or not still being a GAME. As you said "Moving more towards being a simulator does not mean the TMP devs are trying to make it 100% like real life" this is exactly what Im refering to. And of course, IN REAL LIFE I always follow the traffic rules and I NEVER SPEED UP (I drive always below the limits) there is a diference between REAL LIFE and a GAME. Considering this is not REAL LIFE (its a game) Where is the problem in THIS GAME SIMULATOR if I go at 150km/h when NOBODY is around? Is anyone affected? the response is NO, nobody is affected.
  4. McGalcri

    Minimum speed

    First, I NEVER drive recklessly... I say more (and several people can confirm) I usually go 80km/h FOLLOWING THE SIGNAL RESTRICTIONS. I only speed up when NOBODY IS AROUND. If I meet someone at 80km/h i just reduce and continue at 80Km/h. I REPEAT i only speed up when NO BODY IS AROUND for save some time Even with old limit 150km/h, I usually drive 80km/h (90 when the road sign tell it) Second... i dont like arcade racing games. Single player have no REAL DRIVERS, that is why im in TruckerMP, looking for... the experience with REAL HUMAN ERRORS. Third, you are judging me too fast... you dont know how I drive (as I said, 99% time im following SIGNALS (not only game rules)) I never said I HATE the game now lol, i like it and I said... I drive at 80km/h and I repeat, even with old 150km/h limit... i drove at 80km/h when the signal say it, so this 110km/h is not a real problem for me. I just saying, with the old 150km/h we was allowed (WHEN NOBODY AROUND) to speed up for saving time for make a more rewarded routes, thats all!!! And again... if we are looking for a REAL TRUCK SIMULATOR, several other things should change before, like under 18 years old crazy kids playing, remove cars from a truck simulator and you must know, in real life there are ways for remove speed limiters from trucks.... but this is illegal (but exist). For finish, let me repeat what I want to say: Old 150km/h allow us to speed up a bit WHEN NOBODY IS AROUND for saving time, if you meet someone, return normal restrictions, is not that hard to understand.
  5. McGalcri

    Minimum speed

    I play ETSMP just for meet as much REAL drivers as I can, i like real traffic, thats why I play Simulation1. For playing alone in Arcade (barely 300-400 drivers) i prefer single player, but not REAL drivers there. And again... If you want a REAL life videogame, minors than 18 years driving a truck? A VideoGame cannot be compared with REAL LIFE. And I bet, if the restrictions turns more REALISTIC, amount of player will drop drastically. (its my opinion) Sorry If I missundertood you, im not english native hehehe. I just want to say... when NOBODY around... why not allowed to drive at 150km/h? About "But that also takes away a bit the aspect of realism from the simulator." lets be honest... there are a lot of other toxic behaviour worst than driving at 150km/h taking away the aspect of realism, dont you think? Anyway... thanks to all for respond with your point of view!! See you around.... or not
  6. McGalcri

    Minimum speed

    No sense what are you speaking... you are talking about REAL LIFE. Im speaking from the point of view this is a GAME SIMULATION. One of the adventages being a GAME is the fact you can do something more ALWAYS FOLLOWING THE GAME RULES. For example... you omited I said "i can drive perfectly in ONE lane at 150km/h" that is not danger to others on road, even being capable of overtake at 150km/h KEEPING my lane... I always reduce my speed. One of the adventages of a GAME... is you can do something more than REAL LIFE. In this case I mean about higher speed WITHOUT RISKS (read about ITALY without traffic in my comment). Another fact here, there are REAL TRUCK DRIVERS who like drive a truck faster than normal, this not mean they will do it in REAL LIFE lol Im a pretty SAFE driver in real life, thats why I like speed up a bit more here.
  7. McGalcri

    Minimum speed

    I usually drive ALWAYS respecting road limits, 80km/h or 90Km/h and also 50km/h inside cities, as many people say "It is a SIMULATOR". But let be honest.... yes its a game SIMULATOR, but there are people with real job and not many time, so the limit too low (110km/h) in highway will avoid to us to do long journeys for a good reward. 3000km route would take more than 2 hours. Maybe just implement these limits in roads where usually a lot of people would be better. Actually in Italy there are not many people and 110km/h limit its a bit ridiculous for me. As I said before (and in another post) there are people without much time for playing and also, we are a lot of people we can drive perfectly in one lane at 150km/h without problems, so limiting to 110Km/h in areas without traffic... I dont like it. If you want real SIMULATION, you can also implement AI traffic if you are looking for REALITY.
  8. Well.... it can be used mode 1 (static light) when +30 players, we will still see the blue thingy Anyway... using mode 0 (no beacons) maybe people will increment the caution due they dont know if an admin is around hahahaha. Undercover Admins needed!!
  9. Well... that happens in normal conditions. When you need to have 4 eyes focused in 3 trolls aproaching... everyone make mistakes
  10. Just a little doubt, but its about another question, the truck/trailer stability and the console. I hope there will be something for limit it and avoid abuse... You know what I mean hehe. PS: I just noticed, the bug ticket is in the website support page hehehe, claimed by you Thanks again!
  11. Well... just when the TMP update for 1.35 was released, I tested it. After the test I sent a BUG ticket but it not appear in the BUG section so Im not sure if it was sent or not. The problem is the horn is not syncronized in this last update. You can hear your own but we are unable to hear others horning. It is an update BUG.
  12. I used C-D road 2 or 3 times in all my years and its pure chaos hahaha, allowing doubles there would be even worst but... like other people said, trolls already can block the road with a simple trailer so, no sense to not allow them everywhere.
  13. I understand your point of view, but understand mine as well. I joined TMP for to meet a lot of human drivers (Im a bit bored of AI only hehehe) with the fact, knowing they are humans, i can expect human errors, thing adding an extra realism for me. The thing I dont like is to need to play almost all my reward from a loooooong journey because an idiot trolling for fun. That is not fair at all. For this, allowing repair truck+trailer with /fix will reduce also coarse language and insults in CB radio (trolls will be less motivated for trolling I guess)
  14. Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that... as I explained in my post, it is not only the price of the repair, also the penalty profit if your cargo is also 1% or 2% damaged. Just a small percentaje damage is really expensive. And dont forget... usually when your trailer is hitted and damaged, your cargo is also affected. NOTE: I tested it and the amount of profit penalty due damaged cargo depends of the total reward mostly. More reward, more expensive each %
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