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  1. McGalcri

    Creating Custom Jobs - Virtual Speditor

    I just tested it right now in a long route from Bergen to Palermo (around 2.900km). It said 0km distance, but once loaded the modified savegame, the route is there and perfectly measured in my map. Remember: DO NOT USE the Cloud. My steps: 1. Take the truck you want to use and park it in your garage or somewhere. 2. SAVEGAME. Not Autosave. Using SaveGame you will create a slot in your savegame folder with names 1,2,3....9,10.... (I have only 1 savegame so my folder is numered 1) 3. Open VirtualSpeditor v2.06 and create the route (ignore if it say 0km distance) 4. Go back to your game and use LoadGame for to load your last savegame (that slot you created when savegame) 5. Voila! If you go to the marked from the map and click your city, your load should be there and showing correctly the distance. Remember VirtualSpeditor do not work with owned trailers.
  2. Personally, I follow all traffic rules, even the speed limits (most of the time) The only thing, sometimes in highway I go a bit faster, but just at 100-120km/h its a pretty safe speed, but usually at 80Km/h or 90Km/h (depending of the limit) Thanks to God, almost 95% of those videos about Idiots on Road are always in the same small road, where people is really crazy and not respecting others. BUT..... even in Real Life, there are idiots running in red lights and/or with overspeed hehehehe. Enjoy and drive SAFE!!! please haha.
  3. McGalcri

    Good Driver Reward

    First, I dont understand why a simple small caravan have almost 500.000€ reward on deliver, when a Truck can carry more amount of cargo and more valuable cargo, the reward is barely 120.000€ as máximum! (not easy to find a route like this). This is just adding more CARS in a TRUCK game (usually more trolls due they can run faster) causing chaos. (adding Busses or smaller trucks would match more with the sense of the game) Suggestion Name: Good Driver Reward Suggestion Description: Pretty simple, just by adding a boolean variable. When you start your job, variable is 0. If you drive the whole route following the road limits, it will remain at 0 value. If your GPS turns red (overspeed) that variable turns 1. At the end, if your variable its 0 you will have double reward, if its 1 no extra reward and will stay as now. EDIT: I little change to the main idea. Instead using boolean variable, use a simple distance counter that only will count the distance drove at the correct speed. If you drive at 80km/h and then take an exit that is limited to 40km/h for some seconds you will be in overspeed so, would be not totally fair. Also I seen recently situations where you see an accident ahead and you need to use the left lane, so probably you will need more speed for pass that location asap due the traffic incoming. Any example images: (Only text example) You take the cargo and drive to the deliver point. Meanwhile your speed remain at/or below the limit the counter will be counting the distance you are driving correctly. When you deliver the load, the full distance 2000km but you drove at correct speed 1.500km, so you will earn a 75% extra reward. If you drove at correct speed 1.000km, then you will have only 50% extra and so on. Pretty easy and simple. Why should it be added?: 1. People will drive more realistic, reducing the amount of accidents. 2. People who like challenges, this will add a plus to the game. 3. We will have a chance of earn something when someone literally destroy our cargo (just 40% damage is almost all reward) (Remember now, Truck+Trailer we need repair both for more cost than before) I know very well, there are people using hacks for increase the money and so on, but I bet we are more people who we love to earn the stuff by ourselves in almost all games.
  4. McGalcri

    ETS2MP Fatal Error

    Just be patient hehehe. Right now it was a EuroTruck simulator upgrade on steam, so... Multiplayer launcher is not ready for this versión. You need to downgrade your game versión till the Dev team fix the Launcher with the new version.
  5. McGalcri

    If you could add 1 thing to ETS2 what would that be?

    Hell yeah! I was thinking about a new component in the Truck shop. Once added, you just park in front of your stuck friend and using F7 a button for Tow. Your friend will recieve the Tow request, you can accept or not (for avoid others tow you without permision when you went to pee hehehehe). This would be really useful when a bad guy meet a convoy and one poor member of the convoy meet the grass on a side (really often) So all convoy will not need to wait or change the route or anything, just a friend with tow system installed, park the trailer and start the rescue! I really like this idea!! +1
  6. McGalcri

    Rammers have to pay

    ¡The Solution is easy and Funny! Police Tickets events and Undercover Admins/Mods. Would be really fun to see real Events of a police stopping someone driving crazy and giving him a ticket (and also a Warning for future bans or something)
  7. McGalcri

    Police Tickets

    I understand your point of view, but Im in Eu2 server because I like to drive with traffic, and more if that traffic are real drivers. For going to another server and driving alone... I prefer single player. This is why Im in TruckersMP, for meeting another real drivers around, not for driving alone My idea is exactly due some drivers like me, with limited resources for making evidences. And the example I posted before it's just an example, usually the trolls I meet are using high speeds and/or ghost mode, so no chance for report. I must say... I really rare report drivers, I understand there are others with really low experience and/or using keyboard (not easy to keep a lane) and because this I only report drivers when Im totally sure everything is intentionated. Also, I must say, there are TROLLs with keybinds or something, for instant F7+Enter so when acomplished his stuff, he can just teleport in just 1 second, so no time for to act checking ID and much less click and report hehe. Anyway, thanks for your suggestions compañero!
  8. McGalcri

    Police Tickets

    Oh Fernando! I see you get me wrong in several things hehehehe. About several reports on a player, I mean my mini-group meet the same guy in several days, and each report always has that response "No action...." As I said, "after asking in good manners what happens", this mean after he trolled me several times blocking and pushing me, I finished for ask to him in good manners, I did not insult him or shout at him or whatever, that was his response to the question "what happens?" hehehehe. The biggest problem, you must be a really really fast for pressing TAB key, right click for moving cursor to the multiplayer window, search for his ID (if you has lucky and time for read his ID) then click in report, search the checkbox with the appropiate option... of course all these steps while you driving, If you pull over in the highway with traffic behind for to do this... you will hear more screams from behind with funny words to you for stopping for no reason (it happened) Another thing, not everybody have a full end up computer able to RECORD and PLAY, like my toaster PC, I need to drop down a lot of graphics features for to play so... I barely can read names/IDs while moving. So your recomendantion (Im really overwhelmed) is to stop, or disconect, or try another server?? Do you see that fair? really? Excuse my poor english, hehehe, probably I explained wrong. Sorry compañero!
  9. McGalcri

    Police Tickets

    Yeah, I also see it totally 100% fair even funny to see a real event road hahaha!!! The thing totally 100% unfair is for those drivers we love to SIMULATE in a simulator a real behaviour (more or less, lets be honest hehe, sometimes a bit more speed is normal, but always under safety driving of course) its to meet a Troll ramming, pushing, blocking and not only that... after asking in good manners What happens? Why you do that? only hear laughts and coarse language... not fair at all. I think I not mentioned, my idea is just about those main roads, for example the highway between Calais and Frankurt and surroundings. I understand we are A LOT of people (YAY!) driving around and not easy to control all areas, but the more dangerous areas I think its possible, and I maybe even funny for the mods/admins hehehe.
  10. McGalcri

    Police Tickets

    I totally agree this kind of police YAY! But with some little changes: Some admins would be driving their trucks as normal players, without RED labels, without sirens... just simple trucks+trailer enjoying the road. For sure they will see how TROLL acts. Im pretty bored and frustrated when I meet REAL TOXIC TROLLS driving doing zig zag for block you at 70km/h without sense. Even reporting that player from some others drivers with me... always is the same response "NO Action token...." with several reports on him. If a TROLL see a blue siren and/or RED label... for sure he will instant return to a safetly driving but doing this, they will act as THEY USUALLY DO. Also I seen those TROLLS turn in normal driving when they see close someone with a Tag like (Twitch, Youtube...) you know, they know there will be evidences of their behaviour. So my idea is pretty similar to this, being almost invisibles as admins (just normal drivers) they will can ticket bad drivers with a simple command like /ticket (ID) (amount) (reason) (example: /ticket 3245 -20000 Passing red lights with traffic around) In the same way, they can use exactly the same command for reward really good behaviours, like good light signals for avoid accidents, pulling over when necesary in damage area, being patient in a junction if a convoy need to pass... This will reinforce the good behaviour I guess, after all the game money reward is the objective (mainly) (example: /ticket 3245 +20000 Being patient due a convoy) (example2: /ticket 3245 20000 Reward for advising incoming traffic about a traffic jam) Of course these positive rewards are not really often, only in really great behaviour. Just kicking a player for to do mistakes (remember there are kids and people without real driver licenses who dont really know the signals and so on) will not help much, in this case, maybe adding the reason will help them to understand their mistake. (example: /kick 3245 overtaking using the hard shoulders) My conclusion, as I seen long time ago, admins/mods are only moderating traffic in some congested areas, leaving almost unprotected others drivers.
  11. McGalcri

    Restriction of Local save editing

    wops!! Sorry for the delay, i have issues joining the forum. No teleport hehehe. He was driving really really fast as result of this, he crashed into a side but with fortune he remaining OK in the road. I was just some meters behind aproaching to him and he started to acelerate at unusual aceleration... Like using a super turbo, Nitro.... you know... very smooth movement but really really fast.
  12. McGalcri

    Restriction of Local save editing

    Well... today I saw a driver, after a crash on a side, depart from 0km/h to more than 150km/h in almost 2 seconds!.... and my surprise, after reach 150km/h in my truck, that guy again crashed ahead and increasing distance in another 2 seconds... I was at 150km/h already!!! .... There was no autokick. Is there something not working? maybe new cheats/hacks bypassing this restriction?
  13. McGalcri

    Traffic Light Change Time

    I agree with you in almost all hehe, but that part about "urgent delivery" for passing red light, I really doubt you will be in this situation taking in count the speed of time pass. Sometimes I started a delivery, saved game, exit and returned 40 mins later and I still have more than enough time for finish this delivery. In single player, would be possible, but really hard in multiplayer (time speed is diferent depending you are in single player, not happens in multiplayer) Anyway... a REAL DRIVING SCHOOL say, treat ORANGE lights as RED lights. Easy hehe. There is something i real life, not happening here in traffic lights. When you drive in a road arriving to a junction with traffic lights, if you will turn right, for sure that traffic light will have ORANGE only for turning right, RED for going straight. This is because being in right lane for turning right, the unique traffic may afect you will be coming from in front with intentions of turning left (easy for to see), so you can just pass that RED light for turning right if nobody coming from in front. I think this is the unique situtation where we should pass a red light. THIS ALSO happens into the cities, for avoid to keep busy a lane in a red light if there is no danger for your right turn.
  14. McGalcri

    Traffic Light Change Time

    I see you are not considering those several places where that closed road its open for another driver due map mod expansion hehe (Scandinavia, Italy....)
  15. McGalcri

    Overtaking speed

    Maybe those who overtake you easily keep a higher speed while aproaching to you, so if you driving at 80km/h but they aproach at 100km/h, just pressing a bit throttle they will be at 120 pretty fast and easy overtake. Another really diferent situation is if you driving at 80km/h following another guy at 80km/h, you need several much more time to reach enough speed for full overtake. My recomendation for overtaking, slow down a little bit for increase your distance with the truck in front and use your GPS map for to know when will be a straight road and start to acelerate with enough time. IMPORTANT to check your mirrors! hahaha. In all cases... i prefer to wait a little bit for to find a small going down part that help me to increase my speed. PS: Using a steering wheel allow you to keep your lane so easy also in turns, helping a lot in overtakes.