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  1. The trucks i like to drive are ATS: Kenworth K104 (Mod) ETS2: Scania New and Old Gen Real Life: 8x4 2002 Freightliner Argosy//C-15//18 Speed-Transmission Eaton Fuller// with a 4-Axle Dolly Logging Trailer Kind regards, Ngahu M | CEO National Logistics VTC
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  3. If you fell safe to overtake while no vehicles are oncoming then i don't think there is a rule for that so its fine, if they did it as a troll then report them with Proof they did something wrong, Every time i play TMP ETS2 or ATS i always record so if something goes wrong then i can offline report with there TMP ID and Video proof that they did something wrong.
  4. The Time i would beep would be if someone on TMP is at a traffic light and they missed the green for 5 seconds without moving i would honk my horn otherwise go around them, Or when you come across a troll in TMP that's Disobeying the rules
  5. Well when i use high beams would be at night yes when there are no oncoming cars or any cars in front of me, otherwise you will blind them (Like IRL)
  6. How i got my name Ngahu is my parents named me after my Great Grandfather from my fathers side and the unique thing about it the full name of Ngahu is Te Ngahuru which translated into English The Autumn and that's pretty cool considering my birth date is in Autumn But yeah and on top of that my Great Grandfather also fort in World War ll C Company with the 28th Maori Battalion i don't know if he was a Artillery, Infantry or what but its pretty cool history cos
  7. The Skoda is a nice car but to be honest i wouldn't recommend it to people on keyboard and mouse When you slow down it takes along time for the car to fully stop When you accelerate the rpm immediately goes high therefore the car takes off When the RPM increases and you go and turn a corner, Its difficult to slow down and turn while slowing down because the car may either tip, roll or close to both but still driving The reasons that i like the car is You can beat a truck in a race You can get into the next city faster to catch up your friends or VTC its good for Convoy because you can pass the trucks in convoy faster to make sure they turn off into the correct spot So personally i like and dislike the Skoda for those reasons
  8. The only time i run a red light is basically what everyone else is saying, when no one is around because why would you spend about 10-30 sec at a red light when no one is around and you can go, guessing people like to stay at red lights just in-case but the time i stop at red light is when there is someone around me no matter if hes behind me or in front of me i'm always gonna stop others no one around, run red light
  9. in both parts of the Country, Europe when your on the right hand side, double lanes drive in the slow lane (right lane) and people overtake on the left side, and in England your on the left hand side, double lanes drive on the left hand side and they pass on the right line. If they overtake on the shoulder for e.g both lanes are being used currently and they overtake on the shoulder (Euro Right of the right lane where signs are normally) and UK (Left of the Left lane where signs are) is illegal overtaking which i'm sure is not allowed)
  10. How TMP has had a huge impact on my life, When i use to come home from school when i was little, i use to always cry and be sad towards my parents and they would always try to cheer me up and 6 years prior to this i wanted to be like my father a Truck Driver and when my dad came up to me after he got home from work he asked me why i was sad and i balled my eyes out saying i'm getting bullied, people are dissing on me and all sorts of stuff and when my father said a few words which was, "Go do something you love" that's when i got onto my PC started playing cracked version on ETS2, Good old times and then when i brought the real version of ETS2 i downloaded TMP and then i started playing, this was early 2014 and 5 years later, Still playing i lost my password to my previous account so this one is newer. Now when i play TMP ATS or ETS2 SP it always cheers me up along with my phone in the background playing music, So that's how TMP has a huge impact into my life. Also my parents actually watch me play sometimes my father even plays and i can tell you right now, Hes better than me haha.
  11. only time i speed up is when another on-coming vehicle comes because lets be real, why would you slow down when the person trying to overtake you is in the wrong, see what i follow in the rules is the same to my country, if the line is broken then yeah sure free to overtake me with no hesitation but if its a double solid line then that's a red flag for me but sometimes i do slow down if there is no trucks behind me or if there are trucks behind me then of course i'm going to speed up because i'm not going to ruin their trucks for someone doing something they shouldn't be doing. -Ngahu Viva Trucking
  12. GrizzyBear


    When i record my gameplay every single time i play TMP i use Streamlabs OBS or normal OBS on its own, Its free of charge and is pretty good to use, You can find it on YouTube or Google Streamlabs OBS i've also been using these softwares for over 3 years started using Streamlabs OBS this year -Ngahu Viva Trucking
  13. How would i cope with it, well i cant, im being real i would legit rage so hard but i know i cant do that cos its only a game, people do muck around, being eggs and disobeying the community rules. But remember we do have in-game report system and you can report them offline (truckersmp website>>Hover over your name at the top right if signed in>>reports and click the blue button that says New Report
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