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    I Agree with VinnieS, It should not have anything to do with hours, there are some people out there who have hundreds of hours, but they still choose to go round destroying other peoples games, while others who only have a handfull of hours are very well behaved, even if they still need to learn a lot more, then there are people like myself, I would have well over 13,000 hours on the game, it is all I used to play, difference is steam has only 355 hours listed because my game is actually a direct purchase digital copy, bought directly off SCS's old website, before they moved to steam, they only reason I moved it to steam was so I could play multiplayer, so hours is a poor way to decide who should and who shouldn't be able to access doubles, maybe a better way would be to set up a database of players, and each time you are caught causing mischief you get a mark against your name, once you hit a certain number of marks you just get banned from the servers, no appeals, it would be a lot easier than trying to block out jobs with double trailers.
  2. I know it has been only out for just over a day, but I am just wondering how long before we can join with the Heavy Haul DLC? the ETS2 version was pretty quick, was kinda hoping ATS would be soon.
  3. NO, got sick of the trolls, griefers and kiddies who think that doing 180kms is the only way to play, in other words, I enjoyed the casual relaxing realism of the game/mod, then it got taken over and wrecked, hopefully one day the true essence of the game will come back to it.
  4. Why was the "Euro Truck Simulator 2-Double Trailer Test Drive" Topic Trashed/Archived? it was still a hot topic and also something many players are interested in, It looks to me like it was moved because a certain person did not like the fact he was incorrect about the topic and a comment he/she made, it was not an argument or flame thead so that is the only conclusion I can come up with and find it quite pathetic that cause he/she had a winge it has been removed from the main discussion pages. Link: http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/3581-euro-truck-simulator-2-double-trailer-test-drive/
  5. But thats not what you said in the OP, you said they did no exist in real life, you never stated in Europe, and btw, if they are testing them, they do exist and are on roads in Europe, how else do they test em? lol. Edit: while typing this reply I remembered a video I had seen about 6 months ago of a log truck that was 30 meters long and had more than one trailer, so I went on the hunt and found it, correct me if I am wrong but Sweden is in Europe? yes? Video Link:
  6. Unfortunatly I missed this comment last night, and Aurora, your are also incorrect, they exist here in Australia and as pointed out in the above post by "mpl" they even exist in Europe, I read a story almost a year ago about tests in other parts of Europe along with Finland. My advice to everyone is, Before you comment on multiple trailer combinations such as doubles etc, make sure you use GOOGLE FIRST, and always check Australia, cause chances are if someone has thought of it, we have it. Now as for "double long trailers in real life", yes we have em up to 36.5 meters long or 119 feet, again here is a couple of images and a diagram showing both "Double Road Trains" or "Double Trailers" and "Triple Road Trains" or "Triple Trailers" with their maximum lengths. First image has 2 x 45ft trailers, Second image has 2 x 40ft trailers Making comments about stuff that you are not fully aware of is only going to result in 2 things, 1, It is almost certain that it will create an argument that is not needed. 2, and it only makes you look stupid, and nobody wants that, that is unless they really are, lol Edit: had to add this also, it is one of our newer combinations called a "Super Double" and in most cases They have Quad axles on both trailers to better help carry the extreme weights of up to 109 Tonne Gross, while some are set up with Quad axles on the A-Trailer and Tri axles on the on B-Trailer and measure up to 30 metres long, The A-Trailer/ Lead trailer has a turn-table/ 5th wheel mounted over the rear 2 axles for the rear trailer to connect onto, and is 48ft long while the B-Trailer/Rear Trailer is 40ft long.
  7. Hate to bring reality to you Butterkhan, but there is NO TRUE double trailer mods in ETS2 yet, yes people have made mods like yours but only ONE pivot point works, the other is FIXED, ( does not move), making them no different to a standard trailer to back. End of story! Sorry Max, but you are also wrong, you stated that two pivot points was unrealistic, Actually, it is just as realistic as one, three or even more pivot points, Giga liners have two in real life, and if you google B-Doubles and Road trains you will see that here in Australia we have 2 pivot points in our B-Doubles, and Many more with our road trains, in fact upto 11 or more pivot points, I should know, I drive B-doubles and Road Trains IRL. in case you need some help here is a link: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=B-doubles+and+Road+Trains&rlz=1C1GIWA_enAU623AU623&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=911&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=kS0RVdHWO4ei8QXixICADw&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ Sorry dont mean to come across rude, but it really rubs me up the wall when people make comments on something they clearly dont know about. Edit: Fixed some Typo's
  8. I think you missed the point zmaster, what you said is what we are talking about, the numbers in MP have dropped due to lack of updates and people are waiting, but the longer it takes the less are likely to return, Yes updates take time, but it has been a couple of months since the security issue, it was going to be fixed with previous update, then got pushed back, then Rootkiller said at full release of 1.14, then he pushed that back to a week later, and now several weeks has gone by and next to zero info has been given, a video two weeks ago and nothing really since and the next update from SCS probably is not too far off, what then we wait again? anyways the point was about players leaving due to lack of updates and player numbers falling as a result, yep I did, now go get some old stats from back in June, July and August, and you will see the diffrence I am refering too.
  9. Well seeing as you posted that image 10 minutes after my quote, only says 1 of 3 things to me, 1.) either the net code for the status page is flawed, 2.) that image was taken at some other time, 3.) or almost 1500 players joined within a 10 minute window and the US server was down the last couple of days, must of only just come back up overnight. As for my times, (I am in Australia), I used to get on in an evening an see daily over 2000 players and weekends well over double that on EU1 and the US server 750 - 1200, but now I only see a small percentage, as I said in MY TIMES, (Timezone). Heres a pic of right now for example:
  10. I used to play almost every day and looked at the forums religiously, but as soon as the servers went free roam, I lost interest, and from time to time I log in to see if there is any updates, but NOPE, no change and no idea of when it will be updated, I bet I am one of 1000's or so that have left until the update, so yes, server population has dropped dramatically to the point that ONLY EU1 is now open and every time I look I see no more that 500 or so, (360 as I write this), I hope the devs can get this update out soon, before it's too late, cause I for one have almost given up waiting.
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