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  1. Alright. Euro Truck Simulator falls in these categories: Truck simulator, DRIVING simulator. Why not having more models in the scout car? It doesn’t add more cars. It’s the same thing just a different model. It will change the variety in truckersmp AND it will bring some atmosphere. This is a game changer you know? In the first week of this being in the game people will drive more cars but they will be back at the trucks in no time! Plus it will bring more players and it will be more fun driving “another car”. There is currently no peaceful multiplayer driving simulator that only involves cars... we can use euro truck as our advantage!
  2. Alright then thanks guys! I asked that question cos I saw a video on YouTube with “idiots on the road” and there were people with vabis driving wheels or for example a Mercedes driving wheel in a Volvo truck. Also there were some people with lighting mods in the truck and different light at the speedometer. Thanks once again! One more thing, if you don’t mind, can I get some examples of mods that are allowed in truckermp? Let’s say interior mods? @Jamie R yes they are invalid but I ain’t getting kicked.
  3. Well the title says it all. The problem is, I’m trying to add SiSL’s wheel frenzy mod together with an interior light mod in truckersmp since I want more variety in my truck but it won’t let me. It disables them and hides them as well. Both of these mods are from the workshop. Do they need to be local?
  4. Suggestion Name: Signs on trucks Suggestion Description: Signs on trucks: These metal plates or stickers on your truck could give some information about your truck. It also helps players recognise the hazards you are transporting and if your vehicle is longer than expected. Any example images: Why should it be added?: It would look nice on the trucks and it would be more realistic. And also it would help some players with photos of their trucks. This feature would be a good addon because of the detail it would also bring to your truck.
  5. Ronis

    Add new trucks

    Suggestion Name: Scania R & T (RJL) Suggestion Description: The legendary mod RJL Scania R & T that brings new Scania trucks that are well known in the ETS2 community for being nice/beautiful trucks! Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because (there might be loads of trucks already in the game but) these trucks are unique and are highly customizable, also they are fun to drive around and they would bring a new atmosphere on truckersmp. It's also very popular in the community (like stated above), these trucks would bring some more fame to Truckers MP. Now there will be some problems: people would want more trucks and most likely copyright (which can be passed by buying the rights from the creator, this can be done from some donations from the community). But I'm just saying, these trucks would be very cool in the game and they would bring some more fame to truckersmp. Hopefully this gets accepted.
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