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  1. Thanks for that. I will look into it and get back to you. Does this mod work with TruckersMP? Not as of yet. Issue still persisting.
  2. Hi @RedWolf_TMP Thank you for your detailed information! I have followed your steps and unfortunately, I am still facing issues with the wheel. The wheel is rocking, won’t centre. It seems to be slightly off in a direction. If anyone else is having the issue, please let me know!
  3. Hi There, This is my previous post about the 1.42 logitech wheel bug: Just wondering, if people are still facing the same issue as I still am? And if you resolved it, how did you?
  4. Yes I have always done that as for me it always seemed to shake when accelerating. I have mine nearly sorted now but the wheel doesn't seem to centre it seems to be either slightly off to the right or left. Please see attached my config at the moment.
  5. Since updating to 1.42 today, my wheel steering wheel vibrates aggresivaly and no matter what I do in the settings nothing will change. The handling of the wheel feels really light with barely any force feedback. I cannot understand how this would cause the wheel to behave differently. All other games the wheel operates fine. I have all the up to date drivers installed.
  6. Yes but these aren't "city" highways. I completely agree with you. I think in cities its completely needed or it would be carnage. Also what about the Eurotunnel in France when you exit you can go up to 110km/h now thats unrealistic. They slow down motorways but not the eurotunnel which is a joke.
  7. But I mean being on the motorways that passes a city you often find that the speed city speed limit enables but it seems a bit irrelevant to me!
  8. Exactly. This wouldn't happen in real life, speeds on motorways don't get reduced for junctions. If that happened in the UK where I'm from the speed would be changing constantly. Although EU trucks have a requirement to drive at 90 km/h the speeds decrease would still effect this. In game actually does down to 70 km/h at the junctions which for a junction is completely unnecessary. Most of the time you will find that the route advisor is accurate unless you are using something like Promods it can be a bit buggy but in this case this is default scenery in DLC from SCS and obviously no mods because its TMP. I disagree its not common for them to slow down to 70 km/h. My family have a trucking background owning and working for multiple haulage companies in the UK. Following the EU limit of 90 km/h which all trucks are built with out of the factory, the TMP city limit to 70 km/h would still effect this when yes its near a city but doesn't effect the city so I think that point was irrelevant. Yes in real life you would slow down or merge into a different lane to let someone merge but that wouldn't decrease the speed limit. You actually also forget the 10% rule. In a zone with a 50mph speed limit you can do up to 55mph, including if you're in an average speed zone or going through a speed camera. Also vehicles in the EU their speedo is actually 2mph or 3.2km/h below to allow for inaccuracy on a camera or speedo.
  9. I agree with the 110km/h speed limit for the motorways and country roads. It stops people driving uncontrollably fast. But in real life on a motorway you wouldn't slow down for a junction if you could see someone coming down the junction, you would just use common sense and merge into another lane to let the others merge. i quite often find on roads set to 50mph near cities they then enable the city speed limit to 37mph which I don't understand why when the speed limit of the road is 50mph. To me the city speed limit needs to be in the city not surrounding the city, it just makes no sense.
  10. Hi All, I want to know what your opinion is on the city speed limits. I feel like the city speed limits in the city are good. But on motorways like in this scenario; I find passing the cities it often triggers the city speed limit which in real life you wouldn't slow down on a motorway passing a city. It's quite unrealistic. What do you all think?
  11. I completely disagree with the mod. It’s the person overtaken decision to assess whether it’s safe to do so and on a hill trucks are going to slow down and then increase their speed again. They then need to appropriately merge back into the lane.
  12. I agree with you but what about if it was on a hill and the vehicle that was losing speed because of the hill then someone decides to overtake him but once the road is less steep the cruise control picks up speed again?
  13. I had an incident the other day when I was playing. I had my cruise control set to 68mph / 110km. My truck slowed down a bit as I was going up a hill and when it wasn't as steep the cruise control was going back up to the speed that was set. In that time I didn't realise a vehicle was overtaking me. So in my case it was a genuine mistake but I also think its up to the driver overtaking on a hill that maybe someone elses truck might be a bit slower on a hill for example.
  14. Oh ok. I will look into that, thank you very much!
  15. Right ok. Can you integrate it into your website, so have your logos etc.? And I assume there will be a cost for using this?
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