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    Anyone notice a difference with car handling recently?

    Hey there, From my recent experience with the car, I can't really tell the difference. I do have the truck stability turn up and a bit of changes from that. Maybe I will test it out a bit more over the weekend a bit and see what I find Encrypted
  5. Hello there, In my eyes, the speed cap is fine. I don't want to be in the city hitting people that are flying past me when I pull out at a light. If anything, they should make the city centre slower and maybe out of the city could go a touch higher. This is my opinion, tell me what you think by reacting to this post Encrypted
  6. Encrypted™

    Is this normal?

    Good Evening, I would like to start of by saying,the TruckersMP community is very diverse, you have the realistic people and then you have the toxic people - the person in the screenshot above. Whether or not you're LGBT it doesn't matter, at the end of the day you're still human so who cares. I think the best solution to solve this situation will be to report the user using the official TruckersMP report system, which the Game Moderators can deal with in an appropriate manner. However, yes that person sound be off the road for a bit, but long term it's still going to effect you, therefore, you should just leave this topic and this situation behind you. I hope I addressed you concern, Encrypted
  7. Hey there, I do believe this glitch you're having is a bug with SCS with 1.33+. From what I can remember on 1.32 this bug wasn't around. However, when 1.33 came along with the new physics, it changed a lot, I found many more bugs. I've reported many to SCS already however I think they have bigger priorities. Encrypted
  8. Encrypted™

    Favorite truck brand poll

    Hello there, My favourite truck must be the MAN Euro 6 closely followed by the Scania S. I do have to say, I like the Scania, however, I want to be different so that's why I usually drive the MAN and occasionally drive the Scania S. Tell me what you think about my opinion by reacting to this post Encrypted
  9. Hi there, From my quick looks at the truck, MAN Euro 6 8x4 is the longest Mercedes 8x4 could be a very close tie. I hope this helped, Encrypted
  10. Encrypted™

    When is winter mod coming back?

    The winter mod went because of Grime only supported the winter mod for ETS2 version 1.33. Since ETS2 has now moved on to 1.34, it is no longer supported. I believe next late autumn/early winter time, Grimesmod will come back out with the latest support of the winter mod. I hope you understand why we don't have the winter mod anymore, Encrypted
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