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  1. Brilliant Event, attended back in July and I will be attending again, as staff
  2. Happy Birthday Man 

    Have a good one! 

  3. Happy Birthday 

    Stay safe :) 

  4. Happy Birthday Man


    Stay safe and have a good one :) 

  5. Good Night TMP! 


    A Photo from a friend of mine. ( @Ali. )




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    2. [VIVA] Lau [UK]

      [VIVA] Lau [UK]

      Good Morning ;)

    3. BlackSkill


      Good Night ;) 

    4. marian-ipate


      good night, I'm staying on the multiplayer night to ride, and at the same time filming, and reporting to those who do not follow the rules when playing multiplayer. when I'm at work I'm sitting on Eurotruck, or American truck. I hope you understand what I said. I do not know English well, and google translate does not translate so well when I write from English to English

  6. Can't wait! I will be there, one day before my Birthday as well
  7. Congartz Matt, you work so hard for everything, you deserve it!

  8. Amazing company, custom technology, everything I could ask for!
  9. Streaming the Freedom Trucking Opening Event https://www.twitch.tv/encryptedtm

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a good streaming :) 

  10. Encrypted™

    Krone box liner

    Good question, however, TruckersMP only make the multiplayer compatibility to Euro Truck Simulator 2. So, they wouldn't know. The SCS forums would be a better place!
  11. Encrypted™

    Trade Connection Germany event.

    I remember when the event first dropped, the WoT went down for a bit. That could have caused you a few issues Information about the event - http://blog.scssoft.com/2018/10/event-trade-connections-germany.html Was your delivery; Over 300 km? Delivered to the same country for the event?
  12. Encrypted™

    Christmas Convoy 2018?

    These are some Christmas Convoys that I found I hope it helped! Kind Regards, Encrypted
  13. Encrypted™

    Volvo VNL coming in a few weeks

    Awesome News! Always good to hear to dates for new things!
  14. Encrypted™

    New command "/mute"

    +1 Sometimes I want to listen to C-D, but, not to certain people. :lul:
  15. Encrypted™

    Best route

    Where? Probably some of the roads in Scandinavia near Oslo Why? Twisty and turns often with an amazing view!