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    Bus and Truck Loving. i have a BUS Company In Bangladesh. Name: Kuakata Express
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  1. Whats Up Good Girl and Bad Boys -_- by the way i am also a boy so don't mind buddy :P 


  2. Recently TruckersMp published a update. its speed limit update. 150km/h is the high speed for all truck. are you happy with this update? or not? Please Share your Opinion. Stay With Truckers MP. @Kuakata Express
  3. I think TruckersMp's new Speed Limit Update [150 Km/h] is a very good decision for us. because, most of the accident are creating for high speed and also they drive recklessly (like me)
  4. @ArockiaWinston I don't know. please wait and see. what happened!!!
  5. which truck u like most for high speed? and I want to know your high speed. if u want u tell me about controlling.
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