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  1. Amazing collaboration and idea, love it and very helpful for the lovely listeners of TruckersFM.
  2. Got to love a Real Ops event from the detailed operations to the police chases. Also loved the news reports from TruckersFM added that extra bit of realism. Can't wait for more in the future.
  3. I don't really have a favorite route but i do love the area of the road to the black sea. The SCS team done an amazing job with that DLC.
  4. I use my horn to say hello to fellow drivers on the road or sometimes flash. Its a great way to say hi to other players in TMP when going past them at a speed.
  5. My best moment was on the Friday, Loved the Festival and the amazing tunes from TruckersFM (not bias ) Altogether was a very different type of event (never done before), but was a success in the end #TMP6
  6. I feel like there is more attraction to ETS2 maybe because it is older then ATS meaning it has been developed more. Also i find there is a lot more to do and more land to explore from traveling on the ferrys to driving from country to country. I do like to go on ATS from time to time, but more of an ETS2 player.
  7. I like the paint 'Vision' we use it for our trucks at TruckersFM making us look slick on the roads
  8. Personally i never play single player anymore, Multiplayer is 100% better as you are not just on your own you can drive about and chill out with your friends. Massive shoutout to TMP for making this possible
  9. TFMSkinner

    Mack Truck!

    Have driven the Mack truck and do like it, i'm not a big ATS fan but that truck does stand out with it's nice model and interior design.
  10. Love the new 1.37 update, it's going to be a slight game changer from the sound side of things. brilliant work with Fmod and how the sound changes when going under tunnels and bridges. Amazing update from The SCS peeps
  11. Happy Birthday!


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      Thanks Best Friend :D 

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