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  1. I mean yea the 45 city lock wasn't really needed in my opinion. 55 was good but hey It's for the better I reckon. I can see 45 going while actually traveling on the city street within the city lock. I think the Devs can only place the city locks on whatever SCS includes as the city limit boundaries meaning that the devs can't just go into the files and place the locks where ever they want them to be placed. So therefore, we have the results of the whole city limit area as a speed lock.
  2. I'd jave to go with Mercedes-Benz and the Scania Streamline
  3. it's not the cars that's the issue. It's 99% of the time the people who are driving the cars. I'm all for this speed limit change. As Jeff mentioned, speed is the main factor in most of the reports we go through day by day. Maybe if people would actually come our servers and act like they got some common sense and some type of maturity... Things would be a lot different. I can honestly say that half of the people that drive around in cars are there just to cause issues. People such as myself turn to this game as a getaway. People who use to drive and can't because of some medical issue holding them back. People come on this game to drive and enjoy the scenery with their friends. Taking away the ability to drive like a bat out of hell is one step closer to making the servers more enjoyable not only for us but also for everyone else.
  4. Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes! 

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