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  1. Well I think with new content will bring a bigger player base. So I don't think that anything will die out any time soon.
  2. XxB3AsTxX_TMP

    Do Game Moderators abuse the Police Siren?

    So as I stated(I think) The "pulling people over" thing is only done via request for their video or stream(Speaking for myself). Now the only time I would turn my lights and siren on behind someone is if they were doing something bad and almost wrecked or caused damage to another player. Depending on the severity of the situation, I would remove them from the server. So what I'm getting at here is that I would only use them during a roleplay situation(requested by a player) or to serve as a warning to anther player.
  3. XxB3AsTxX_TMP

    Do Game Moderators abuse the Police Siren?

    Me personally, I like to drive around in the police car only to make it known that a admin is on the server. However, the only times I use the lights and siren is if I see someone doing something wrong or if someone ask me to pull them over for their live stream or video their recording. I look at as community involvement.
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