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  1. As SCS said they are continuing to see if Volvo will let them add it to the game. And also they did say "we are adding the old VNL models for now" at least that's what I have heard.
  2. Would you consider the new Mack trucks?
  3. There is a VNR series now. Dude this is about Volvo not Subaru
  4. So I have been thinking about what Volvo is bringing out this year. The new designs look so smooth and awesome. I want your opinion. What do you guys think about them?
  5. We think that pilot cars are admins because of their color. Why isn't their a rule about it?
  6. My topic has been solved due to the few new updates.

  7. TMP can put the new design of the Skoda in the game.
  8. They won't remove the limit. Think about how many crashes happens per minuet.
  9. It turns out that the client is making me freeze while I am driving and then when it unfreezes the game I crash in to somebody which isn't good at all. Somebody in front of me experienced the same thing I did. I will have to wait for the new update to come out so that I can play again.
  10. Ok well thanks for all your opinions It turns out that I have bought Scania and Volvo but Volvo still remains as my main truck.
  11. I will stick with Volvo as my main truck.
  12. I had an 2003 Jetta wagon that had a bad transmission and the dealer and the company wouldn't give us a new car.
  13. Well if it was a V12 I would have gone with them.
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