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  1. ^ when multiplayer started only had roads now only have trolls cars more I agree yes for more cars would give more realism to the game of course that will have more bagunca to control and only put more administrators in the game
  2. it would be a good idea only that with quantities of larger cars in mp the jam would increase, unless you put speed limiter on the cars. yes it would be a great idea just that at least you would have to put speed limiter on the cars. Many players motive abuses the speed of cars and accidents happen. who does not like cars and only play in Europe 1 or 3 ready. and only play on server europe 1 or 3 la has no cars and only play on server europe 1 or 3 la has no cars and only play on server europe 1 or 3 la has no cars
  3. in my point of view not the need to have more servers the south america server has 200 players average hong kong server has 50 players average US server has 100 players average Already have many servers online
  4. -1 Until then, the managers have too much work. This will not be added.
  5. Amount of administrators are now small Besides administering game report they have to adiministrar reporters of the site And the quantity is immense. If someday an adm wants to put me on I can be taking care of the reporters that are done by the site. And of course that the ADMs can not stay 24h online
  6. Problems are the cars Yes most of the videos that I see always have a car disturbing Plus the vote has been closed will make Europe 3 without the cars pernamentes. That at the end of the year when I come back I'll be playing in Europe 3
  7. If you want limiter and only go in europe 1
  8. Double trailers are available on the entire ATS map on ETS2 only in Scandinavia
  9. So I understood the front truck gave a little lag and the back hit him, I find this disinterested in reporting The problem was not the player but the internet lag
  10. In ATS will be Available on Map ALL Double Trailer on ETS2 Only in Scandinavia
  11. ^ Trains have never had to have the pilot cars. So when the mp was released did not have the cars and several trains were made. Leaves Europe 3 as this certainty now is much better without the cars. Already has cars in Europe 2 and the server and 3500 slots.
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