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  1. I like the idea of RP but this is after all a truck sim...this isnt like GTA where you have a whole slew of things you can do....its mainly just trucking, unless you just drive around in cars aimlessly. So I think its a good idea on paper but wont work when you put it in the scope of what game(s) youre trying to get this implemented on

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  2. Theres already settings in the game regarding horns and tbh, I dont really mind them. They were put into the game like that so I dont see any need for TMP to take them out, if anything I feel this would be better directed at SCS than TMP

  3. Bad idea as there are many people that legally go into oncoming to overtake (yes its legal in some cases). This would keep them behind a slower moving vehicle they do not wish to be behind.

    Also in the UK I notice a lot of people turn into the right side of the road (myself included on occasion) by accident due to habit and quickly get over into the correct lane. Then there comes the issue of creating such a thing. you would have to take EVERY SINGLE ROAD in each game and program the centerline to tell this thing where the centerline is. Then you have to program another hitbox in the truck so they have to line the truck one with the road one to initiate the sequence

  4. I think this is a great idea on paper, the issue I see is implementation. 

    The speed one will be hard cause the game will have to identify speeds of both trucks compared to the speed limits.

    The other big thing I noticed that I want to comment on is the blocking one is hard because someone who stops at red lights will no doubt wait more than 20 seconds cause the lights take forever. SO hes gonna get auto reported for following the rules. 

    Also I feel this will not help the admins at all as they are already swamped with reports to look at from both in game if possible and the website. This will only increase the amount of reports and lead to things getting done even slower than they already are.

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  5. Check to see if your steam updated your game or not. I checked when 1.31.2 was compatible to see that my steam queued it instead of updating it. If thats the case just manually force the update and youre good to go

  6. On 2/15/2016 at 11:23 PM, industria said:


    While I agree that any weather does need to be synchronized, bear in mind the two examples you gave: California and Nevada. I think every state in the ATS map atm is in the top 10 in dryest states in the US so it really does not rain that much. Also it will be very difficult to sync weather since the base game allows for different weather settings and I know it will be a pain to sync. The same reason why the Random Events arent synced and theres no AI traffic. I think this is a great idea but as far as feasability idk about that part

  7. Here in the US our interstates do cut through cities, a lot of reason why some cities are as large as they are. However when going through these cities the limit is not reduced. Only on city streets and maybe 2 lane state highways does it reduce. Interstates are not affected. Each state has its own limits, some faster than others. I think the limiter should be set to whatever the posted speed limit is for that area. Yes ATS doesnt have near the player numbers ETS2 does and we do things differently here. Our trucks are not limited as far as I know, but I do think their speed limit is slightly lower than that of cars, at least in my home state of Texas. I have always been supportive of the limiter in both games, however it does not make sense that the limiters do not allow us to reach posted speed limit.

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  8. Honestly your best solution would be to just buy the DLCs yourself. That way you still have them and are MP compatible on your game. This way we do not have ANY of the issues that are being discussed here. Ik thats a lot of money so if you have to then pick ad and choose what your more important ones are and get those. Then plan and save up to buy others and keep doing that until you get what you want.

    On a slightly side note, I think a Summer Sale is coming up here soon on steam which should help you out and look at bundles, even if you only apply for one or two things you still get a nice discount. For example, I just got the steering wheel dlc for ATS, and I found a pack that I already had everything in except the Steering wheel. But because the pack was about 20% off i ended up getting 20% off that one DLC.

  9. 1 minute ago, Mike Dragon said:

    Truckers MP does not support any form of piracy, at all and never will. Do so would result in legal troubles for us as piracy is illegal. Not to mention that it would breach several of SCS Software's rights. If you cannot afford a certain DLC now, then save up some money, add the DLC to your wishlist on Steam and buy it when it's on sale like everyone else. They don't even cost that much and painjob packs are really cheap.

    Or buy them in bundles where they are discounted EVEN MORE. or wait for weekend or season sales

  10. The TruckersMP platform mimics that of the original game, there are only a few differences but in the SP program you cannot use DLCs you do not own so why should you be able to do that in MP? Pardon me if I misunderstand your post but it sounds like youre upset because you cant use DLC that you DONT have? TO me that makes 0 sense anyways. Thats like asking Assetto Corsa MP to allow you to drive a DLC car that you dont have. 

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