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About Me

Hello, Truckers of all! Thanks for visiting my profile! I'm a user who located in Korea, Republic of. Currently, I have been studied at university my major, Chemistry. My age is 21 in Korea, but the International age is 19! You can call me Chem, or anything that if it means me! I'm working at TeamAudi VTC as Team Upper Staff for about 2 years in TeamAudi VTC. If you want to invite our team to your public convoy or charity events? Do not hesitate to contact me! I always open my mind to your personal messages. You can contact to me via Discord DM or Forum Personal Messages! If you're having a question, feel free to give a message whenever! As fast as possible I can, I will help you! but I can't always give the information. I'm a player/user, I don't know everything!


Below is another Event Manager in our team! You can contact to them when I can't reply to you fastly. 



Do you want to talk with our team members? You can join the discord which is TeamAudi VTC's official. below is TeamAudi VTC's Official Discord!




Do you want to make a partnership with our team? You have to contact only me! other event managers don't have permission to accept/reject and investigate your partnership applications!


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