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  1. Greeting the Game Moderator :)


  2. Suggestion Name: If playing the game on the ProMods Server, displaying it in the form of <nickname> (P 1234). Suggestion Description: Most of users use a recording program to prove or report any unfair damages in the game. However, when you file a complaint, you may be confused about whether it was recorded on a ProMods server or on a simulation server. To avoid this, if you play on a ProMods server, it will be more convenient to display the MP number, such as "P 1234". The event server display method I suggested last time was also accepted, so this proposal is likely to be accepted. Any example images: None Yet. Why should it be added?: For ProMods servers, the maps are so large that sometimes they are narrow and inevitably hit the user.
  3. Thank you for your contribution to truckersmp. i will hope to see Game Moderator later.


  4. Suggestion Name: as the title. Suggestion Description: Change the ban display Any example images: http://imgur.com/gallery/s0bEFCW Why should it be added?: Currently, Truckers can report bans for perpetrators with TruckersMP Web reports. However, if a ban application for that perpetrator is accepted, the perpetrator's profile will only show the date the ban is expired. Therefore, I will also be asked to see the reason next to the date. Ex. 11 Nov. 03:43 --> 11 Nov. 03:43 Reason : Ramming Write down the reason for accepting a report for the ban. However, sometimes the reason changes at the discretion of the Game Moderators.
  5. Although you out of TruckersMP, Truckers memorize you. 


    Greeting your life.


    At Republic of Korea.


    1. RequieB


      Thank you so much ma frendo ❤️ 

  6. r4jnCwt.png


    Designed by Chemistry :)


    Today's Our Team Trucking Trailer ❤️



    Tomorrow in Korea is the day of the University Proficiency Test. I'm nervous.. ;(


  8. Hello :)


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    2. JJay


      I'm watching YouTube, you?

    3. TeamAudi l Chemistry l M

      TeamAudi l Chemistry l M

      Checking the Guide and think about the translation xD


    4. Scania LTD l Fezz l Owner

      Scania LTD l Fezz l Owner

      You mean you're not driving? 😮


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