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  1. Suggestion Name: as the title Suggestion Description: Add the command about traffic. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: now, the traffic information for each city is now available on krashnz's traffic tab. But many users would have hoped to see the traffic in the game. The following is an example of command usage. /population <City> -> this command is allowed all TruckersMP Player. For example, on Simulation 1 server, you may want to see the people in Calais city. You just have to go to the site to see it. Therefore, I want this command to be added.
  2. Congratulation to back Game Moderator!

  3. Thanks. my problem is solved. Kind Regards, Chemistry TeamAudi Staff
  4. Thank you for commenting! I supported truckersmp user the more help
  5. NeeeeeeeeeeonLeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeon Hello


    I will follow you xD


    We're close together!

  6. Suggestion Name: as the titles. Suggestion Description: Hopefully Staff will be add some TruckersMP rule changes or exceptions. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: At present, the Ramming provisions, Blocking and Reckless provisions must not break the rules under any circumstances. But I hope this rule has changed a bit. At present, the Ramming provisions, Blocking and Reckless provisions must not break the rules under any circumstances. But I hope this rule has changed a bit. In order to reduce troll users, even stronger punishments are required, but even if the intentional one is seen in the evidence video, the punishment is limited to only a few days. In addition, at the time of the damage, the victim is very stressed. If a blocking action is found, such as if the user is "intentionally" blocking the way, we can't get out. In particular, during Team Trucking, you can't go to the workshop by pressing F7. Because if you go to the workshop by pressing F7, there is a lot of inconvenience because you will leave the existing route. Returning to the main point, TruckersMP's staff actually said that the punishment was reinforced, but the enhanced appearance is invisible to the user. This offer may not be accepted, but I would suggest only one. Victims who have been harmed by the abuser would like to have some exemption from the conflicts they have committed against them. For TruckersMP staff who checked this offer, you can tell them to go to the Arcade server. However, most TruckersMP users prefer servers that can crash (You can see the population ratio of Arcade and Simulation servers.). The purpose of enjoying the simulation is to experience the feeling of driving like a real thing and to have fun in such games. The story is getting too long, but one of the TruckersMP users wants to make a simple change from the user's point of view. We would like to thank the TruckersMP staff for reviewing these matters. I wish you a happy day.
  7. Since we joined TruckersMP, we have agreed to the TruckersMP rule. We must therefore follow the rules in any situation.
  8. It seems to occur Launcher Error. Please be patience, waiting a moment, and restarting the launcher. Kind Regards, Chemistry, TeamAudi Staff.
  9. it is client error. waiting at a moment, and restarting TruckersMP Launcher. Kind Regards, Chemistry, TeamAudi Staff.
  10. In my personal Forum profile, the photo reflects and disappears after a few days. I keep initializing it and uploading it again but constantly my profile picture disappears. How do I solve this?
  11. Thank you @Aestrial ! in the pictures, We look you as Game Manager xD
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