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  1. Black_Combat_Killer

    [GAME] Mic Volume Modulate in ETS2MP

    Suggestion Name: Mic Volume Modulate in ETS2MP Suggestion Description: There are many players who use the radio during multiplayer play. However, some users do not listen well if they do not get the maximum number, and some players are so uncomfortable that they are loud enough to hear their ears. In conclusion, it would be nice to be able to set the microphone volume separately for each player in multiplayer. Any example images: None. Why should it be added: Some players do not listen to the microphone volume, so if you do not listen to the volume and the volume is low, you raise the volume before you raise it, so the player with the biggest volume grows up to the maximum volume.
  2. Black_Combat_Killer

    What do you like In ETS2?

    Thank you for all the funny words! I could see many users' thoughts! I will not close it! lool high-populated road is very populate. for example, C-D Road and Oslo-Bergen road to. Many people want to go C-D Road. So C-D Road is distributed many of Game Moderator. Also, My Admin friends had met C-D road. but he is not an Game Moderator right now. he was named for him [POL] Mikkel
  3. Black_Combat_Killer

    What do you like In ETS2?

    I really want to know what ETS2 Player's like it. please participate in Poll
  4. Black_Combat_Killer

    Winter Mod error?

    Okey. I'm cautioned it.
  5. Black_Combat_Killer

    Winter Mod error?

    During Team Trucking, Using who Trustmaster wheel occurred error, " The game not identify wheel". Many of Wheel user who use kind of TrustMaster, who have in trouble this error. forum people, You experience Winter Mod + TrustMaster wheel error? Please answer me.
  6. Black_Combat_Killer

    Asia Mega Gathering Trucky In 2018 :D

    Oh. It is almost have to do. Okey, If we held sooner or later, I proof 100+ players in Server.
  7. Black_Combat_Killer

    Asia Mega Gathering Trucky In 2018 :D

    I'm already tell each Team CEO. But Team Users and CEO annoying click it. So, many of users not ets2c.com chosen.
  8. Black_Combat_Killer

    Asia Mega Gathering Trucky In 2018 :D

    We are held Asia Mega Gathering. Server, Europe 1, and 100+ players attend it. ( Admin.. Why not open event server.. you talked "if more than 100 people, we don't open event SERVER!!!!" We are lag, and many accident. T.T Following is Trucky Picture! https://imgur.com/a/IK1xTdX [ File Size is Very Big, It is replaced Imgur. ]
  9. Black_Combat_Killer

    Do you know " Universe Sandbox 2 " ?

    I'm ETS Player. But Many game play too. Do you know game; "Universe Sandbox 2"?
  10. Black_Combat_Killer

    [GAME] appear tab pictures

    If we entered multi, you press "Tab", you can see Report, setting, MP Number, Nickname, And Tag. I request, If we press "Tab", I want to see Steam profile - Pictures. Please allowed this Discussion thanks.
  11. Black_Combat_Killer

    Ver 1.33 What is changed?

    thank you for everyone
  12. Black_Combat_Killer

    Ver 1.33 What is changed?

    I do not think there has been any change in version 1.33. What changed?
  13. Black_Combat_Killer

    [Rules] 3.4

    thank you for sending answer. Close plz.
  14. Black_Combat_Killer

    [Rules] 3.4

    §3.4 - Supported mods and examples These are some of the supported mods: Forerunner | Additional Customisation (ETS2 and ATS) - https://forerunner-mods.weebly.com/additional-customisation.html What is means? We use this mod possible?
  15. Black_Combat_Killer

    Disappear 1.24

    Recently, TeamAudi Users speak "I have to downgrade 1.24, but 1.24 ver ETS2 Disappear" Surprised, I looked for version 1.24, but I could not find 1.24. Is the 1.24 version of ETS2 gone? Or is it a temporary error? Sincerely, From. TeamAudi