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  1. 3601 l TeamAudi

    Multi Server A.I when it is opening?

    It is great answer. Closed please.
  2. 3601 l TeamAudi

    Multi Server A.I when it is opening?

    For a long time, TruckersMP official youtube uploaded "it is possible in multiplay." So, When opening A.I traffic in multi server? and if that opening, additional server created? or existing server used? Please reply Sincerely. From 3601 l TeamAudi
  3. I found that Euro Truck Simulator 2 open alpha 1.33 What is changed? Please reply. thanks.
  4. 3601 l TeamAudi

    [GAME] Please change report system

    Suggestion Name: Pls change report system Suggestion Description: Requests a change in the checkbox of the reporting system. Any example images: none Why it should be added? We usually use the reporting system when we are hurt by other users who have been hit by a crash, roadblock, etc. But I am demanding a change of this reporting system. I want you to delete the checkbox of the reporting system and edit it as a field where you can directly write the reason for reporting. Sometimes the reason for reporting is not in the checkbox. In this case, it is usually reported as "other". In this case, it may not be clear why the report is filed. For that reason, we are demanding a change in the reporting system. Also, it may be more effective to report the accident at that point in time, rather than to carry out dangerous driving in order to push the check box while driving the road.
  5. 3601 l TeamAudi

    How to solution this error?

    Thank you for sending solution...
  6. 3601 l TeamAudi

    How much study one days?

    Oh. I'm sorry, I am not changed category.. Very Sry.
  7. 3601 l TeamAudi

    How to solution this error?

    My friend says, If he entered Multi server, occurred " You will be automatically reconnected within next 10 seconds " . he seen this error, he shutdown MP, and restarting MP. But it had not solved. What to do delete this error?
  8. 3601 l TeamAudi

    How much study one days?

    In Republic of Korea, high school standard, usually go to school at 8:30 ( UTC : 23 : 30 ) and lesson, lunch time 12 : 30 ~ 1 : 30 ( Usually ) ( UTC = 3 : 30 ~ 4 : 30 ) and lesson, Evening, Evening self-study approximately 3 hours. Usually Korean Students activity.
  9. 3601 l TeamAudi

    Western Digital SSDs

    Me too. I use 128GB SSD First, 500GB HDD Secondary. ( WDC WD50 00AKX-001CA0 HDD )
  10. 3601 l TeamAudi

    steering wheel

    at least Logitech Driving Force Pro
  11. 3601 l TeamAudi

    what computer do you have? which components?

    AMD Athlo tm (II) X2 260 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 550 ti 8GB DDR3 x2
  12. 3601 l TeamAudi


    Ah... Sorry. I was thinking wrong.
  13. 3601 l TeamAudi

    How much study one days?

    I usually study approximately 10 ~ 12 hours..
  14. 3601 l TeamAudi


    Friend(?) wants to be admin. ( It is my think )
  15. 3601 l TeamAudi

    Game Crash: Fatal Error

    I think that it is temporary error..