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  1. Suggestion Name: Tandem trucks Suggestion Description: Hello. Add a new type truck ingame. Tandom trucks. You need to buy a new type truck, for example scania (Scania R800) at the truck dealer, and with that truck you can add a trailer op him. (Sorry for my bad explanation, I am not good with it). At the trailer dealer you can but an extra trailer. With only a trailer on the truck itself, you can take max 12 tons. With a extra trailer you can take 40 tons. Any example images: See the files Why should it be added?: It should be added to add more trucks and more trailers.
  2. Hello. I found this day a bug. You can do a caravan freight by a truck. I don't know why but it is possible. https://gyazo.com/0a66b9dab135c15d502b6d2b306e719d
  3. Suggestion Name: New cars and a real car brand at truck dealers Suggestion Description: Hello! Maybe is it possible to make the scout as a new car brand. And maybe is it possible to add new cars in that car dealer. Why: I think people wants more cars ingame. Maybe can you also add buses or something like that? And all cars have a pilot skin, police skin and all other skins. Any example images: BMW serie 5 Volkswagen transporter: Why should it be added?: To let people drive more cars.
  4. Hallo truckersmp staff. Ik rijd sinds afgelopen tijd steeds vaker met de pilot car tussen duisburg en calais omdat het daar altijd zo druk is. Maar mag je als pilot car zeg maar achter de truck blijven staan wanneer die is gecrashed is tot diegene weer wegrijdt? Dit bedoel ik met de zwaailichten om mensen op te hoogte te brengen dat er wat aan de hand is. groetjes, Menno
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