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  1. Hey guys, i'm back!


    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Welcome back ^_^ 

    2. willians1002


      Welcome back :)

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
  2. Congratulations and good luck! :) 

    1. Merengue4ever


      Thank you ♥ :wub:

  3. Thanks for the follow! ;)

    1. Samito_BG


      @Atlasator No problem bro, you're welcome ! :)

  4. [DHH Owner] DRAGON I create this name randomly.

    1. Atlasator


      And it’s random that I like bmw too..



      haha  are there BMW trucks?


    3. Atlasator


      i find the name „Atlasator“ from a another game. (Minecraft) tap in Atlasator in your browser and you would see this.

  5. Gute Nacht euch allen! (D) / Good Night! (ENG) /  Bonne nuit (FR)   

  6. I changed my name from: ThatCrazyMarc to —> Atlasator 

  7.                         Busted! 

    Dear Truckers, 

    I heard of late of a myth about me. —> I follow somebody; hope he follow me; after this I unfollow him. (That’s the myth <—) And now everybody wants to know the answer. And i’m Honest: Yes, this is right! I repent this. I learned about this mistake and won’t do something just like this again. I  saw that so much people comment this and read this. Maybe my reputation is destroyed, but myself is clear that i make a mistake, sorry! 


    Dear LSPD Gamer, 

    I see your comment, and i’m Okay with that. You are right! I would accept this appeal or warning. Maybe you can give me a verbal warning it would be okay for me. Thanks for understanding. ( important info: The people Who were the “victims” can of course delete me) (follower list) i hope you guys read this, thanks for reading.I’m sorry guys, I hope you all have a good evening, keep trucking,









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    2. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Thank you for accepting my appeal and oh god I will not issue a verbal warning for that.

      And your statement will show so many users that you are so sorry for that and I guess they will make a positive reputation of you.

      Be polite and stay clear

      LSPD Gamer

      - Drive safe and follow the rules

    3. Atlasator


      Dear SuperMouse, 

      Thanks for the comment. And also thanks for the Tip, have a good evening.



      Dear LSPD Gamer,  

      Now i’m Eased.Thanks for the comment/answer. I was so excited I just thought I must say sorry.. okay. Have a good evening! 






    4. SuperMouse


      @ThatCrazyMarc You see, that kind of behavior isn't too hard, was it?

      So long as everyone in this community acts kindly there won't be any issues.

      If you want to sent me a DM on Discord or TMP about anything go for it.

      I also hope you enjoy your evening,


  8.                                                                                      I'm Back!


    Hello guys, i'm back! I just wanted to say that i was for some privat reason in the last 2 weeks not active in the Forum.Also a really big thanks to you! We hit the 45 Followers!Thanks a lot! A really important info now: my old Name is: ThatCrazyMarc but i will Change my Name. My new Name: Atlasator



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    2. Atlasator


      Thanks :)

      Also you guys may  read something about me, scroll down, go to about me and read this, it would be really great, because i needed 2 hours to write this ;)

    3. Kamer


      welcome back :) 

  9. Singleplayer photo :)I hope its good! 


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    2. Atlasator



      Thanks for the follow. (i follow you too)

    3. Atlasator
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