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  1. ??????

    What dlcs do you have ?

    Italia + Vive la France + Scandinavia + Going East + Heavy Cargo + Schwarzmüller Trailer + Cabin Accessories + Metallic Paint. Waing for new maps, because I have almost 100% maps done :)
  2. ??????

    About new 1.31 random events

    Hello The new 1.31 ETS update bring for all random events to multiplayer too? Cheers
  3. ??????

    110km/h ?

    Of course 90kph is a real legal limit, but 120kph is a good balance for safety and long hauls.150kph is to much for general rule. IMO
  4. People that are on this title, to make races and each one have their rules, just for "funny moments" on youtube, they are on wrong game for sure. Anyway, we still see "funny" moments, even under 90 kmh... Servers are places where we have to live in community and in mutual respect as it should be in real life, if not, then it is recommended to play singleplayer. To play on MP have rules, we must agree or not agree. If we agree, we play, if we do not agree, we will not play. Real life also has rules, and we still can not escape to Mars. Yet. Inside a virtual truck is a real person :)
  5. ??????

    How do you Look around and use Mirrors?

    I use external mirrors for left and f2 mirror for right. And alot of GPS for interceptions mainly.
  6. ?????? Released

    Thanks Killua, it's understandable. So there's one more wish, there's a checkbox on Mod. to auto-limit to 120kph, just as it exists for the current 90kph if we want to drive always at max. at this speed
  7. ?????? Released

    Thanks for this update, you are going in the right direction! 120pkh on highways would be a good option, since it would be precisely in the middle of the two existing limits, the 90 and the 150. And for those who make long ways would be a very acceptable speed. Anyway, good work, go ahead!!
  8. ??????

    Strange time format on jobs.

    I will do. Thank you very much for the help.
  9. ??????

    Strange time format on jobs.

    Hello What is the cause of this time format? It began to appear like this two days ago. Cheers
  10. ??????

    Report: Declined vs Accepted

    Yes. thank you all.
  11. ??????

    Report: Declined vs Accepted

    Hello, For me to take the doubt out of the information I have. I did a report on the day 28 Mar 14:11 and say Declined. But the report was accepted and with evidence. Because it still says declined, this influences something? Thank you
  12. That's not what I'm talking about and I do not mix themes. We were talking about traffic rules. In any case, the money of others does not influence me or personally harm my game. But public attitudes do.
  13. To answer you question mark and quote, the about reality. Not our own reality. Standard speed limits (unless otherwise stated by traffic signs) [km/h] Urban roads 40 km/h for Semitrailers and trailers Non-urban roads 70 km/h for semitrailers and trailers Motorways/expressways 90kph, 80/70 km/h for Semitrailers and trailers I still do not understand your remark. Anyway, if I said I thought it should be at most 120kph, I'm already thinking a lot above the supposed law.
  14. Suggestion Name: Rethinking the speed limit on servers. Suggestion Description: I leave this idea, keep the EU1 at 90kph, limit all others at 120kph and leave the freeroom with no speed limit. I think this idea satisfies everyone in general and becomes more comprehensive. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: This idea is to contemplate all types of players without creating conflicts of styles of gameplay within the same server. Remove special styles of gameplay out of the context of who wants to play more seriously. Like in real life, it's all a matter of habit. I think an idea of common sense, something rare to see today, instead of being here to defend only my interest as many do, I present a solution that I think is more concensual and goes to meet everyone.
  15. I consider myself a conscientious driver, these measures were not made for anyone in particular, but for a comprehensive set of server users. The speed limit should be at 120 km very frankly, Even so, it is above the real legal limit. And who goes in the limit of 150 kph wants to overtake another that goes to 150kph for what? Does not make sense. IMO.