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  1. There will be a lot of confusion on the road. I don't foresee many players with the ability to master triple trailers conveniently. One question I ask, and now that the Enter for loading and unloading function has been deactivated, how will it be performed in companies? Or something is missing me.
  2. I was going to ask the same. Now maneuvering doubles in certain locations is extremely difficult and impossible, and often creates a great deal of confusion in the area of loading and unloading. I would like to know more about this. But I didn't read anything about this situation.
  3. I always listen to radio, I have a vast and preferred list, ambient music, jazz, road musics, rock and sometimes ACDC to give that power that we need, and conversations on various topics that are very relaxing for travel, and everything that goes well in the ears for a trip and is not saturating.
  4. The implementation of what is considered a city, is on the part of SCS, however, to apply this rule of TMP, the same rule creates areas that should not have a limit of 60, as for example outside that city. In several cities, it takes me forever to leave the area, the last one I counted was almost 20 kilometers long, which is ridiculous. Here there will only be two viable options, the simplest, removing the limit within cities, which I personally do not think is right, a limit is necessary, but it is badly applied because of SCS, or else increasing that limit a little more. That may be the most viable way. Having no limit creates terrible chaos, when there was no limit within the city, it looked more like race tracks. In another situation, SCS also improved the limits of the city, and in reality only the city. Leaving the highways free of this limit. But I say that the problem is not the 60kmh, but the areas defined as city.
  5. I see that many are sure it is unintentional, I would like to see many videos about these, forget that many offenders are very astute in causing accidents with total subtlety. And the less experienced accept with greater indifference. Personally, whatever goes against the rules I report, I don't even waste time taking psychological readings of players. There may be visible and felt nuances if the player has previously behaved well and even apologizes, but within civilized behavior before and after the accident or incident occurs, there is a greater chance of forgiving him. If we all abide by the rules, everything goes well, and those who are not even about to worry about the rules and respect other players, I also think I should not worry about them.
  6. I have the same problem, and has not yet been resolved even in this latest update that was released minutes ago.
  7. Suggestion Name: Revision of non-collision zones required Suggestion Description: As the title suggests Any example images: No Why should it be added?: A few weeks ago at the start of Promods at TMP, as I boarded a boat smaller than those used in the base maps in a port, confident that I was entering an NCZ, when by my astonishment it hit a truck parked inside the boat, By chance, it was a game moderator, when I hit the truck slowly and without causing damage, I was teleported by the moderator to the nearest garage with the message that I rammed ... Regardless of this, I notice that Promods, NCZs are too small. The collision areas should be defined to be broader, identical to those used in base maps, or better than it is currently. I also note that some workshops are not covered by NCZ, and also within some companies in some cities. It is hard to describe which ones, as I watch as I play. I think it is necessary to review this situation, which can sometimes lead to complications in traffic management in these places. I also notice that some players are beginning to wait for them to get out of Promods boats, the players inside them. This is if anyone remembers to leave, because some of them when they have just made the trip, remain static inside the boat for some time, making it impossible for others to enter. Thanks
  8. If they think they're on NFS it's still not too bad, as long as they respect other users who want to play more based on simulation. I believe that many who come from GTA want to play in the same style, and many also forget or do not even read the rules and are surprised with bans. As a matter of curiosity, almost all of my banned, in high percentage, all have a game in common, GTA on steam list, of course there are rare exceptions.
  9. For a long time Mercedes New Actros, and recently Renault T, with different sound from the original, to be softer to the ears on long trips.
  10. After you run ProMods, you will never want to run on basic / DLC maps alone, but you have to have them in order to take advantage of ProMods ..., in general terms driving on ProMods requires more driving attention than usual too. I recommend.
  11. If possible technically, I think it is a good idea to switch to a ghost mode of ping exceeding the limit, and by the way, the current 600ms limit is too high in my opinion.
  12. It depends on the outcome after the accident and it may vary, it depends on the person and behavior before and after what happened. There are factors to consider and I don't have a specific rule of behavior and action to take. I will take it according to each situation. Regardless of whether or not they apologize, but apologizing can ease the tension of the moment for sure.
  13. The rules for me decently cover what goes on servers. What would change quickly, or advise the moderators and whoever decides, is that at a minimum the first bans should be a week and not three days as has been the norm. It certainly created a greater psychological impact than is currently practiced on offenders.
  14. Unfortunately it is the truth. About a year and a half ago, for example, was worse, a year ago better, than it is this year...imo, and the delay in reviewing reports also helps offenders to abuse the system, and others who want to play decently. In short, we are on silly season at this moment on truckersmp. Waiting for it to pass quickly.
  15. Agree, simple and fast. (Maybe with the option to show or not on Tab. is also a good idea)
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