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  1. The rules for me decently cover what goes on servers. What would change quickly, or advise the moderators and whoever decides, is that at a minimum the first bans should be a week and not three days as has been the norm. It certainly created a greater psychological impact than is currently practiced on offenders.
  2. Unfortunately it is the truth. About a year and a half ago, for example, was worse, a year ago better, than it is this year...imo, and the delay in reviewing reports also helps offenders to abuse the system, and others who want to play decently. In short, we are on silly season at this moment on truckersmp. Waiting for it to pass quickly.
  3. Agree, simple and fast. (Maybe with the option to show or not on Tab. is also a good idea)
  4. I have personally been followed through the map and am recurrently. I agree that there must be the option to choose whether or not we want to be publicly visible. I often stop playing online because of visibility! Or because we want to play quiet and not be bothered, or go about our life as a user of this system. But being accessible to TMP staff will make sense. I hope this topic and idea / wish does not fall into oblivion. At TMP we are too exposed in many situations, publicly speaking. And I would like a little more privacy reservation.
  5. Good news!! After following the tracks and banging my head on various possibilities, I finally figured out where the problem is. It sounds simple, but until then it was hard work and honestly I don't know how this function had been changed. Because I changed nothing to make it happen. The problem was in "Activating the Steam panel while playing" on Steam definitions, which was not chosen, but I always remember having this option working before, I'm not sure what might have happened. Right now here is our discussion to help even a member in need and who may have the same problem. I want to thank you all for your readiness to help. Yours sincerely
  6. Hello again Situation Update: Well, everyting is the same... That was done, I deleted the application and its folders, including ATSMP and ETS2MP. TMPLauncher has been reinstalled again with administrator permissions. I started the application with administrator permissions. Game started, I set everything in TAB as I use it. Which works, as before, the settings icon and the Sound Mute of a particular player. This does not work, as before, the TMP and Steam Profile Icons, with the symptoms initially described. Cheers
  7. Hello all, thanks for the reply, at this moment I can't check your advise, later this day, and I'll say something when I'm around the PC/Game. @coolio859: Yes. @Patriktanki: I will check that... @POPTOYS: Yes, I know I'm not new on TMP, but this thing is the first time that happens to me. See you later
  8. Hello I tried to see if there were solutions to this case and saw nothing. A few days ago to date I have had trouble accessing the profiles through TAB, either from TMP or Steam. Symptoms, when I click on the corresponding icon, the process is stopped / blocked (the game runs) without advancing to the links in question. It is only unlocked the cursor when I press the mouse toggle the two buttons, or use ESC. The only icon that works correctly is access to TAB definitions. Has anyone complained about this problem or is it just me? I already reinstalled TMP. Cheers
  9. Suggestion Name: 4K monitors and extreme difficulty in reading text on Tab. Suggestion Description: An option to change the font size. Any example images: No Why should it be added?: Many users of 4K monitors with higher resolution than the usual 1080, are faced with a problem of the size currently used by Tab, which is optimized for 1080 certainly. What I propose is that we be given the option of being able to increase the size of the text or that text be increased, because with the current conditions it becomes extremely difficult to be able to read the text displayed. Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, I need some help. I recently purchased a 4K monitor, which is fine with the system and other programs, including the game itself, but with regard to TruckersMP, namely the size of the letters in the Tab (player names, settings and so on), are extremely small and almost imperceptible. How to put the text size bigger? or because there is not yet an option to increase the text primarily for users of 4K monitors. Thankful for the help
  11. I think the optimal idea, and not to complicate what is not complicated, just a warning that appears in the center of the screen to warn in advance the road to avoid, preferably that the driver has a chance to make the return maneuver in safety. For example in a roundabout that precedes or something like that. Incidentally, the same kind of warning should be when we are going to drive in a country where the opposite is true when we enter the UK. And I do not know why it has not yet been implemented.
  12. Italia + Vive la France + Scandinavia + Going East + Heavy Cargo + Schwarzmüller Trailer + Cabin Accessories + Metallic Paint. Waing for new maps, because I have almost 100% maps done :)
  13. Hello The new 1.31 ETS update bring for all random events to multiplayer too? Cheers
  14. Λiplanet ИΞT

    110km/h ?

    Of course 90kph is a real legal limit, but 120kph is a good balance for safety and long hauls.150kph is to much for general rule. IMO
  15. People that are on this title, to make races and each one have their rules, just for "funny moments" on youtube, they are on wrong game for sure. Anyway, we still see "funny" moments, even under 90 kmh... Servers are places where we have to live in community and in mutual respect as it should be in real life, if not, then it is recommended to play singleplayer. To play on MP have rules, we must agree or not agree. If we agree, we play, if we do not agree, we will not play. Real life also has rules, and we still can not escape to Mars. Yet. Inside a virtual truck is a real person :)
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