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  1. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    I do completely have new ISP, my old one is completely f**, in the speedtest of my adsl it goes upto 600 ms and 0.06 mbps, and the new fiber connection is about 4 ms and 230 mbps, and how many second delay is the 90 ms?
  2. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    Hi, I already did that, and no difference
  3. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    Nevermind, your solution made my ping upto 2000 ms....
  4. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    1 I do have their highest offer in their plan. 2 I've tried WTFast 2 I am already connected to an ethernet through and wired fiber optic 4 My firewall is disabled, I dont have Zone and such 5 Everything is closed 6 You cant choose servers in truckersmp, only EU and united states 6 No results
  5. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    I really appreciated your help, but unfortunately none of them worked, after doing all of this steps, restarted my pc, went to the game, checked my ping and still 95, but it went stable. But really thanks for this help, but didnt solve my issue.
  6. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    No, why would I use VPN? Also, VPN wouldn't solve it, it'll make it way worst Tried that, but didnt solve it mate, thanks for the help I'll still look for further informations on how to fix this since it's annoying af, if none could answer and fix it, I'll try contact them.
  7. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    Nope, none of the solutions have solved my problem. I need more further information
  8. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    I didn't even move places, same places as I used to be before. Cant be my connection, I tested both my ping in both speed test and meter ping test, changed them to France, as the result in speed test, I get about 78 ms average, in meter ping test about sometimes 82, as no one connected, average of 70 ms in meter ping test.. so cant be my connection, also I upgraded my internet connection from ADSL to Fiber Connection, which is way faster and less interruption in ping, choke and lag, as ADSL goes through the athena and scatters the signal of itself, as the fiber connection is straight wired to the cabinet so it cant be my connection mate, anyways.. thanks for the help, looking for someone else as best as they could for this to be fixed.
  9. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    ^If you mean ethernet, yes I am connected to ethernet.
  10. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    Thanks for the help, but nothing helped me, tried all the steps
  11. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    This is the thing, I do live outside of the Europe, but the recent time, I used to get average 80/82 ms, and that time I used to get the ADSL type of internet, now I moved to wired fiber optic network, and used ethernet and now I get average of 92/100 or sometimes 200 ms, how? And how would I connect to different servers
  12. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    Dear fellow members and mods, been wondering why am I having high ping in ets2 truckersmp? Tried connecting to europe servers, and get average 92-100 ms. As I did speedtest and set the server location to France, I get 71/75 ms? Please help! Thanks in advance EDIT: The most thing I'm confused of, around 4 months or so, I used to get stable 82/84 ms, and never received high dosage amount of choke, lag and ping? That time I used to get ADSL, now moved to fiber optic and connected to an ethernet, and I just received a big amount of ping from 82 to 95 to 100 or sometimes 300 ms, which isnt stable at all, I've tried updating my drivers, used WTFast, tried tweaking my settings, disabled my auto update in windows 10, any help would've be really a big help for me, thanks in advanced..