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  1. I was just driving, apparently from just first time using "mouse" as my driving wheel, it disconnected for no reasons, while the guy parked in the right of the highway, fully stopped, I was driving about 150 kmh, my wheel suddenly went right and I couldn't go left and crashed to the railing and my truck bugged from the crash I think and made me look like flying, I didnt hit him or what, he just said recorded, and reported, not sure if he really did report but, is will I get ban tho? Some small ass mistakes, just kinda concerned about it
  2. I'd say that's a good graphics! But I usually top it with 1920x1080 resolution
  3. Holy crap, I run at high settings at Intel (R) Core (TM) i7, 2.50Hz 16 gigs of ram 64 bit GTX 1050 OC I'd say we almost had the same specs, my 1050 OC which performs as 1050 ti, 1050 ti meaning overclocked version of 1050, and I run at high settings and CD roads I get above 60 fps at not so crowded players, about 69+ players I started to do a frame rate drop, and still.. no wonder why I cant run at ultra High, mid, ultra? And 1080p? Specs?
  4. Hellow, what's your desired graphics? High,mid,ultra? I mainly run almost high with average 56/60 fps at highways, 40-50 fps at cities, what's yours? Also, who knows what's the white lines showing off the edges, I'd like to know what setting is it, whenever I go to Italy the white thing off edges shows up and gives me a massive lag I run at 100% scaling, all high except mirror distance Admins, please ask before closing the thread, thanks
  5. Hellow, I'm not looking for trouble anything but you closed my thread without further notice, I wasn't 100% sure if I was sure about the answers I had, most of them only answered the same answers and I asked " What if someone is currently banned on the IP I'm connected to? Would I submit a report if I did?" I wasn't fully statisfied with my answers, thanks for closing it without any further notice


    I'm not looking for any trouble anything, but I just wonder why you closed it without any further notice 

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    2. NeonLeon


      Hey, sorry for the troubles -_- But your problem you asked in the thread was solved by many users. You asked if you are allowed to play with different ips and the replies clearly said that you are allowed in case that it isn't ban evading. If you still have got any questions, please contact us via support.truckersmp.com or create another topic in help section since it is another problem.



    3. Hyvak


      I just clearly asked it.....


      What if someone got banned already on the IP I'm actually connected to? If I got banned, I'd submit a report and provide a proof that I was connected and was allowed to play on the current WiFi I'm using? (Hotel hotspots)

    4. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      Hey, it is not by which internet you are connected to. It is the account. You are good to use TruckersMP from any internet.


  6. Thanks for that, but how will I know if someone actually played on the server IP I'm currently on and he got banned? Will I get ban too and if so, I can submit a report or something?
  7. I do not have any other banned accounts, thing is who knows if they have banned accounts tho? Haha, all hopes the best, I just dont want to get banned, if I get banned, I'll submit a proof that I'm connected to an Hotel wifi?
  8. So, I've been wondering since like some of of the forums bans accounts with different IP address for some like ban evading or some sort, so currently as of today, I've been wanting to play since I'm in a hotel and I'm just connected to an WiFi of theirs and I've been wanting to play and this is the reason why I'm asking, also, if you gonna ask why not play singleplayer? Well, reasons why I don't play on single player is it's dam boring for me Thanks
  9. Thank's for asking before closing, some other moderator just suddenly closed my other thread while back while I wasn't kinda content for the answers given, indeed, you can close the thread, thanks
  10. That's what exactly what I'm pointing about, if theres an AFK person in the side of road just suddenly took a left even tho let's say we're cruising about 90 km/h or below, we could've still crash since theres no time to brake, and yeah, I'm not pointing about avoiding the traffic
  11. So the only possible way is just try the best way to brake and what would happen if I rammed to the guy accidentally? Would it result a ban?
  12. What if the person infront of me suddenly braked while in high speed?
  13. Are we allowed? Not the always since it's considered as " inappropriate " overtaking right? But, when it's like your driving in a high speed lets say 150 since thats the max, an upcoming traffic in your left and sudden parked truck went to your lane in CD road lets say, and if you couldn't break and you'll cause a collision, and I went right to the grass fields to avoid it, is it allowed? Thanks, also, I'd like to know more about overtake which is allowed and not allowed,
  14. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    I do completely have new ISP, my old one is completely f**, in the speedtest of my adsl it goes upto 600 ms and 0.06 mbps, and the new fiber connection is about 4 ms and 230 mbps, and how many second delay is the 90 ms?