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  1. Maybe 4km with my new DAF And around 20.000km with a Volvo FH
  2. I won? Oh no, the one below me steal my place!
  3. I personally use a second computer, not really powerful but enough to record or broadcast my trips And i'm curently using StreamLabs OBS for rec or broadcast
  4. It's not because I'm French but probably most often in the France DLC ... Until the east of Germany This is where we meet most often players of the same nationality that self But I sometimes try the CD at my own risk
  5. I especially prefer to listen to my spotify playlist because I'm sure to listen to my favorite music
  6. It might be cool that scs offers us a similar dlc, with big slopes almost impossible to ride But otherwise I will not try it alone
  7. La F-T M sera présente, à 3 ou à 4. Nous réservons les 4 places de l'emplacement 8. A demain [F-T M] Lucas, Chauffeur chez la F-T M
  8. Hey, je fais parti de la F-T M d Mr FreZyFaiL. Je vous annonce que nous serons là. Sans doute 3, peut être 4. Donc si tu peux rajouter Fret Transport Mondial Merci [F-T M] Lucas, chauffeur chez la F-T M.
  9. Hello Hello ! En tant que membre de la F-T M, je pense être là. Je viendrais sur TS à la dernière minute pour vous donner la réponse finale. Cdt, Ykyu....Raaaah je déteste ce pseudo Bonne soirée
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