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  1. Yo , thx for the follow! 



  2. On Which road do you drive often?

    C_d road as always xD
  3. Most Player on TAB?!

    200 is as far as I've seen.
  4. 150 Km/h update is good or not?

    Hello, In my opinion I think it should be taken off why? Most accidents are getting caused by overtaking some one because they are driving slow. But since we are speed limited everyone will attempt to overtake someone then ends of ramming someone in non incoming lane. Best regards -dFuZe
  5. Skoda Car Problem

    Hello, This is a very well known issue. I suggest using "crtl" & "shift" It's more easy if you have a wheel and shift paddles behind your wheel. Make sure you go to controls (keys) to set it up. I hope I explained this right. Best regards -dFuZe
  6. Hello, In my opinion I feel like they should be taken out of the game reason why? I was driving and I ran into a random road event that was left in the middle of the road and their was someone in the left lane of me I turn to get in left and I needed up crashing into him. He says "on my screen I dont see anything but the road" so that's my opinion. Best regards -dFuZe
  7. In game photo

    I'm not sure how to delete the post but I have fixed my problem.
  8. In game photo

    Hello, I've started noticing that in game profile photo are not showing on my screen all I see is a name and their ID. What can I do to fix this? Best regards -dFuZe
  9. Game Crash at Calais Duisburg

    The reason why is a user will noun supported mod kn game near you.
  10. Camp with the Kings!

    Hello, For now if you have a wheel you will have to use "Crtl" & "shift" But it more easier if you hvae shift paddles on your wheel. Best regards -dFuZe
  11. Hello, I dont really agree with your topic why? The quoted message above does not make since. Just because the user dose not play on the week days that the ban should be issued on the next login. If the user was banned on the day he was supposed to be banned and hes not logged in on the week days the ban will just go by. It would really be a shame to wake up and see that I've been banned on a day I was not banned on I'm pretty sure he would not be happy. I think the way the bans are being used now should stay the way it is. Best regards -dFuZe
  12. Camp with the Kings!

    Ouuu cant wait !!
  13. ATS and ETS 2 which one is more crowded ?

    Hello, I think all know the answer to this topic. Ofcourse it would be ets2 -bigger map -More then 5 types of trucks
  14. Should SCS make an Australian Truck game ?

    I think SCS should really focus on American truck simulator before moving on... (My opionion
  15. Heyyyyyyyyyy, thx for follow! :wub: