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  1. Hello! 
    New video! click on the link below!


    Please allow the quality to load as I just uploaded the video. 

  2. 82D547FD911DD6C331CFE1A7D5CAF1BF0F9FE6E4

    Forza Trucking would like to put our focus, thoughts, love, and dedication to Jet Blue VTC for their 3 YEAR anniversary. We would also like to thank them for allowing our VTC, Forza Trucking to participate in this lovely event. Congrats to you all and hope you have a wonderful day.🥰  @[FORZA] iamRHT / @[JET BLUE] - Bequian

  3. E67E5C5790047CDF1D5C4596B25B65D77EDDDAD4

    Just had a blast :) testing the "self driving vehicle" on TruckersMP along with @Bolts, @Nevexo@<SELF-DRIVING VEHICLE>, and@SupremeDragon. Thank you Nevexo (autonomous team) for letting us test it.



  4. F231C236952733BF86E445CD8CC8C21F50EBF9D9
    Thanks for the convoy guys! @Bull [NL], @MattTM, @NeOn, @K0rnholio, @SDCore, @jackneal1, @Oneshottruckin, and @davidd:D

    1. Matt


      Thanks for tagging along Harley, nice driving with you :)

      Especially the kebabs :troll:

    2. Azusakawa*
    3. AshlynsGaming
  5. FDBD40F2453B5D841869ECBFF27EB48F2244D8BB
    @Endy_, @K0rnholio, @Matt #CarLadMatt, @NeOn, @MattTM and @lethal(unable to tag user)

    Had an amazing drive with my peeps <3 @NeOn, @MattTM, @Endy_, and @K0rnholio

  6. @lamb1ne thanks for the follow , I followed you back:wub:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lamb1ne


      No problem, filled it. Now I just need to wait.

    3. AshlynsGaming


      thx , our 24h admission staff will get to you shortly. let me know if you make it in.

      best regards 
      -Carmella | Viva Trucking

    4. Lamb1ne


      I passed the Viva Trucking application. I'm on training period now.

  7. @TamTheTank hi thanks for the follow,  welcome to the fourms!

    1. TamTheTank


      hi and thanks for the reply on my post :D

    2. AshlynsGaming
  8. @fangcccc hi , thanks for the follow!

    1. fangcccc


      You're welcome:)

  9. 32B48B76D64CF1EDC2F12EA68CFE2913754B4531

          #Viva Trucking & #TeamLKW @TeamDeer <3


    1. #BlueLivesMatter88


      its a daft :facepalm: :troll:

    2. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      #DAF & #Mercedes Benz :lol:

      Nice photo and trucks :wub:

  10. 784FF56F0EE6D6050EF98341BF96090C5CF74C5B
                                                                            @bcblackout Thanks for the mini-convoy! <3

    1. Azusakawa*


      skoda look want driving out in picture:D

    2. AshlynsGaming


      Lol, I hope you know I'm the one driving the car :D

  11. A580D6B81CE9E65820C31C3706BBB26A946461EB



    Had a nice little drive on ATS with@AnonymousCRITP. Thank you for the warm welcome to ATS. 

    1. AnonymousCRIPT


      Nice Photo Thanks u 

  12. DBD9587782C0ED808CF8DC445D37674813917938

    @Keezome, @Smoky_TMP, @Lorena*, @Aragon <3

    oof I forgot to take a screenshot when lorena was there xd 

  13. ROADKING VTC - HIRING DRIVERS/MEMEBRS/PILOT TEAM/ AND MORE ! .  links and I fo will be below 


    Hello vtc Memebers , ŚháđôwŃìģhť (administrator) Has a big ANNOUNCEMENT: RoadKing Transport Services are now hiring drivers for our vtc. We have our own websites/applications If u would like to become a member/staff/driver/fam of RoadKing please click on the link below. If need help contact me on discord (ŚháđôwŃìģhť#2063) or (email me [email protected])





    I'm not sure if we are allowed to post this , but I'll have to find where we website rules are. Thank you and have a great day 


    -roaking vtc

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      good luck to your VTC, hope more players will join your VTC :P 

    2. AshlynsGaming


      Oh yh , we been getting at least 1 new member everyday , thx man

  14. Don't forget @Virus59X giveaway (Ending very soon 


    Drift Tuner 2019 Giveaway [LIKE & SHARE] 


    Enter Here: https://gleam.io/J9lx4/drift-tuner-20


    Ends 10/14/18 (Also You Can Join our discord server here >>> https://discord.gg/neBCQ3M )

    -------------------------------- Video >




    Feel free to join up on @BL4CK$K1LL Discord server.


    Whos there?

    TMP: Staff/Members.

    Me ofc. 

    (Giveaways, game news, events, etc. 




    // More Idiots on The Road will be coming soon. :)

  15. GameBlog - An Active Gaming Community


    ✓Gaming Server! Find people who you can play with!

    ✓Daily Giveaways.

    ✓600+ Members on Server.
    ✓Weekly Events.
    ✓Discord Server: https://discord.gg/HXCQujg

    See you there!

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang


      Also, we've giveaway at the moment ;) 

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