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  1. Suggestion name: Title Suggestion description: Big Spoiler Alert: DO NOT judge my amazing paint skills! I WILL hunt you down! (Do not mind my not native English) So as we all know, the service station in Duisburg is by far one of the most congested places on the map. This has a few reasons why it is so busy all the time. Duisburg is a pretty small town located at the end of CD road, so naturaly, alot of people pass this town. The road layout was never desighned to have 150 ppl on there, with all sorts of issues following to that. Main reason why Duisburg is congested is because everyone wants to leave and enter the service through a small opening as fast as they can, at the same, genarly not caring about giving way or common sence, or just straight troll behavior, resulting in a massive pile up. Alot of suggestions have been made already with idea's to improve traffic flow in Duisburg, so I thought why not, and give it a shot myself. So I opened paint and drew this piece of art. It's a simple sketch of a new road layout for the service in Duisburg. Basicly this system is one way in, one way out. The entrance remains, but ONLY to ENTER. In the back, a dual one way road ONLY to EXIT service. Make an intersection with stop lights (EDIT: Actually traffic lights are not necessarily a must, but can come in handy in combination with the existing set of lights at the existing intersection to guarantee a good traffic flow) that links the backroad to the already excisting piece (originaly this is not reachable due to barriers) ONLY open the xxxxxxxxxx-barriers on the right two lanes, so nobody can come from the existing intersection and go oposite direction. Pics?: Sure! (Click on the image for better resolution) Why should this be added?: I KNOW TMP rather avoids map changes, as this needs to be updated also and that only adds to a long list of jobs to do when SCS realeases new version. BUT I do think this will improve traffic flow and make Duisburg a more enjoyable place for both players and moderators, as they don't have to deal with massive and massive pile ups of traffic (I'm not saying this new lay out will eliminate all issues, but it'll sure help! (Maybe 'hire' a dedicated map guy that only does stuff like that? You guys probably already thought of that ) Anyways, Tell me what you think, or what could be improved. Kind Regards Kevin BE
  2. G27 H Shifter (range-split) with a real Scania shifter complete with range and split switches so I shift all 10-12-14-16 (depending on truck and gearbox) gears manual. I find automatics way to boring to drive, and I love a challange. Tho it can be a pain in the behind to shift the 16 speed box in a populated area on the map, and ppl often get frustrated because I'm not as fast in accelerating as they do in their 6 speed auto 750 hp truck with 0t trailer, obviously.
  3. I honestly don't think ST DLC will ever come to tmp. Like said, making a ST server is a bit pointless, will cause havoc at load and drop of points (could be avoided by making the whole server no collission, but that defeats the whole purpose IMO), and the only other people you would see are the ones driving the excact same route as you do. So you will drive on empty roads, wich makes it boring. You are better of driving in sp with g_traffic at 0, as you will have the same experience. Adding said DLC to the existing servers is also a bit problematic, especially on the simulation servers, as you might encounter trolling and traffic jams full of people driving the same ST route as you do. (And as we all know traffic jam and multiplayer, that will never end good) It could probably be done on the arcade servers, but to me that defeats the whole purpose of the DLC and the game in general. Now idealy Private servers (up to 8 or sumtin ppl) with ai, but the ai vans that support ST jobs, can be replaced by real players in pilot cars. This is a scenario that would benefit the greatest from ST DLC. But we all know, private servers are not a thing atm (and probably never will). For the oversized fans: My advice, sit down and wait until SCS adds a more diversity of low loader trailers and oversized loads that can be drivin around without escorts. 9/10 something like a 'Broshuis DLC' will see the day off light in the next few game updates. (Nothing has officialy been confirmed yet) We will have big bulky loads (not as big and bulky as the ST ones), we will have similar/more variation of low loaders as in ST, but without the escort van hassle.
  4. I meant also ingame. This is not a stupid disign... it's old, and not realistic, but it works. It' only because of the CD road that is so popular you get big traffic jams, people not following the road rules, yield signs,... this intersection system works ingame perfect! In MP (if everybody follows the rules) as well as in SP. Just the CD road is already so congested, offcourse this system won't work if half the people not follow rules nor using common sence... IRL offcourse we don't see an intersection like that. And if you see something similar, you will always have stoplights to control traffic. The map is from the early GTS game, far from how it actualy is in real life. Maybe with the new map rework SCS is doing, we will see some changes to more realistic intersections.
  5. I'll be honest, it's not a stupid design, it's a bit weird, but people just have to use their common sence, and not cross when they have no room to fully enter cd. (BTW Belgian people love their priority-from-the-right rule) This is a big problem with an intersection like this in mp, people from the highway pulling onto cd without having the proper room to make sure they are not going to block other traffic. It's a "I have right of way so I go even I know I'm gonne be blocking the whole intersection." mentality. And so you create situations like the one in your picture. It's a case of common sence, but that is most of the times to much to ask. (And no, I'm not pointing any fingers). And you can brag about Germans are good drivers that's why they have no speed limits, but Belgium road infrastructure is just not made for going 150+km/h. (Legal speed limit is 120 and yeah I'm from Belgium, so I feel offended by your comment :p ) this is a big known problem, we have the worst roads if you compare it to Netherlands, Germany,... the differens is night and day! (Potholes, bad repairs, constant traffic jams, exits really close to one another,...) eg: when you cross the border from Netherlands to Belgium, you can feel the Belgium under your feet. Our roads don't have the capacity to manage all the traffic today. Belgian roads are notorious. I even read an article back in late 2017 that compared our roads to the roads from Namibia, Marocco, Turkey, Azarbeidzjan, Rwanda,... They stated roads up there are better than the ones here. Just to prove you a point. :p
  6. Alot of the people don't even know what a yield sign looks like, and others just ignore them and just don't pay any attention. We see stuff like this alot. I have a golden rule I use myself, if I approach an intersection where I have priority, and there is traffic around, I will always stop or slow down enough so I can stop intime and anticipate to others making mistakes, eg if the other player blows the yield sign. And only after i know for sure the other player will give me priority (by slowing down, flashing headlights, or fully coming to a stop) only then I will enter said intersection. Even approaching stoplights I will always slow down enough to anticipate, even when I have green, as there always will be that one guy that is bonkers enough to blow a red light and crash into you, preferably at high speed offcourse, causing all sorts of problems. Anticipation is key in a multiplayer game like this, even if you know you have priority, always anticipate to others mistakes. It's not because you have priority, you should take it without hazitation. Especialy in a game like this, and even more IRL. Moral of the story: Be the smarter person, anticipate, and avoid unnecessary havoc.
  7. Suggestion Name: Allow Heavy Cargo to be used on a flatbed trailer in double setup Suggestion Description: According to rule §3.7 - Heavy Cargo DLC trailers: **Cargo swaps with other trailers are permitted, but these trailers must not be used in double/triple trailer combinations other than default**, we canot use Heavy Cargo cargo on other trailers in a double or HCT setup. I've been warned for this a while back, (because I interpreted the rule different and thought I could not use a Heavy Cargo trailer in a double or HCT setup) and had to change it. So this suggestion is about deleting this particular rule and allow the Heavy Cargo to be used again on flatbed trailers in a double or HCT setup. I can't find any reason why it is allowed in a single setup, but not in double or HCT. NOTE: As of now, only 3 of the Heavy Cargo cargoes fit fairly good on a flatbed trailer: Terex Crane, Komatsu D155 and the Locomotive. Any example images: In this pic, I have a flatbed with the Komatsu D155 from Heavy Cargo DLC on it, and in the back a Swarchemuller trailer and cargo. (This is NOT allowed as of now according to the rule above, because I have a Heavy cargo on a flatbed in a HCT setup) Why should it be added?: Why not? It works, looks good, and it was allowed before the major TMP update. And I don't see any problem with it.
  8. I have a fleet of different trucks in SP (with alot of oversize trailer mods) and MP depending on what I'm planning to haul. (Special transports, very heavy, medium heavy, flatbed oversize, long loads,...) But in MP I mostly use the Man TGX 640hp 8x4 with the 16 gears and retarder for the heaviest loads. It's not about horsepowers, it's all about the gearbox (amount of gears) and how much torque your truck can give at certain RPM's. You don't need the highest amount of HP. A 750 hp truck is useless with an 6 or 8 speed tranny for heavy hauls. It also kinda depends on your setup you are driving with. EG: I have G27 with a SKRS so I shift all 16 (or 14 depending on the truck and tranny) gears manually, which is best for heavy hauling, especially in hilly or offroad terrain. Chassis wise, you have different options IMO: 8x4, 6x4 or even 6x2 with tag axle. So short, it depends on what you haul (weight wise), where you haul (terrain wise), and what setup you are using.
  9. @ScaniaFan89 ATM only outside the restriciton zone is everything OFFICIALY allowed, doubles, triples and hct's. Inside is a bit buggy and confusing since update 1.35, hence they stated they gonna fix this ASAP WITHOUT giving an ETA. What I said is only my own thinking they not gonna add hct's and triples inside the restricition zone, based on some common sence. Imagin when CD allowes those hct's and triples. Would be a bit of a mess right? As good of a driver you might be with doubles and triples, does not mean others are. IMO they should not allow the hct's and triples inside the zone. They could reduce the zone for hct's and triples, but we can only speculate at this point. (I have every right to be wrong) And this whole forum is a complain forum and kids whining about updates. Again, they announced it on twitter they are working on it without an ETA. Just sit yo *ss down and wait until they release the patch. Whining and complaining about it is not gonna give you the fix sooner, right? Dev's are working hard on updates, patches and fixes, but fcs, have some patiance. If you don't like the pace they going, join the team, and show them how to do it faster in your own private time. I rest my case.
  10. @ScaniaFan89 why don't you join the team then since you seem to know how stuff works. Stop whining about it, they stated there will be a fix soon without an ETA. Besides, they are probably only planning to make the b-double trailer work in the restriction zone, so it's not just a case of removing the code, as HCT and triples are still going to be restricted.
  11. Well, when SCS realeases a new update, the TMP team has to catch up in most cases to make their mod compatible with the original game. There is nothing TMP can be blamed for. So yes, downgrade for only a 51mb update, or single player until they catch up.
  12. Thanks for the new update, great job guys! Now as for the confusion with the doubles and triples: As of version 1.34 (and below): you were allowed to drive b-doubles, hct doubles and b-triples everywhere around the map, EXCEPT the restriction zone around CD-area (see rules section 5.2 for a map of the zone). There were different ways to get those trailers in: - Forerunners mod (save in single player, load in multiplayer) - Drive them from the countries where they are allowed by SCS (Scandinavia and Baltics) to where ever you want them. - Save edit the trailers in. As of 1.35: You are still allowed to drive them everywhere around the map as it was in 1.34 and below (except restriction area) BUT there are a few things to keep in mind about the b-double trailers on CD you guys seeing driving around: - it appears ONLY the new b-doubles that SCS added in 1.35 can be drivin on CD and inside restriction zone (b-double container trailer, b-double log trailer) - So hct double or triple or other b-double* (*b-doubles from version 1.34 and below like the Krone doubles,...) are not allowed and will result in a kick from the restriction zone. Further: SCS allowed b-doubles in Germany and Netherlands as they drive there IRL also, but as said above: ONLY the new b-double trailers are seem to work in the restriction zone (Duisburg, CD-road,...). In the next few updates and patches the TMP team will probably sort these things out, give you guys the info you need, and change the rules also if needed. These are the things I found out so far, so correct me if I'm wrong. Regards
  13. Tbh you flew over that intersection, giving the other traffic no chanse to anticipate and stop to give you way. Right of way should be giving to you, don't just take it like that Ok, I get they also need to slow down and see you coming, but don't just fly through that intersection. Imo you are part of the problem here.
  14. Try looking for a solution on this forum or the SCS forums. I had the same problem, the only thing I had to do was copy the config file from the latest 1.34 version. There are backups from your save files from each version in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder: profiles( Honestly, there are solutions enough on how to solve this problem, a bit of googling or searching around on the different fora gets you a long way Moral of the story, that's why you don't use your main profile in beta's or new versions if you wanna keep playing TMP
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