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  1. hi, thanks for your suggestion but i just restarted the game and now it works. i just couldn't do it earlier because i was in the middle of something.
  2. hi, not sure if this question came up before but i switched to window mode due to $"§( bandicam always switching to wrong window for video recording... since then i cannot use TAB to display the player list - is this normal or do i need to restart the game or something else? thanks...
  3. another question: you can report a max of 12 or 13 users...what happens if the list is "full" - can't report anymore? i do only long distance tours, 1500/2000km or more and i regularly have 1-2 encounters minimum which would be worth reporting but if i do 3 such tours every day then i reach the reporting limit really fast...
  4. the fix command is helpful...but if everyone just drives like you would do it in RL then it wouldn't be needed - unfortunately there are some players out there who seem to like racing more than playing a simulation game. personally i do 99% only external contracts because of the automatic speed limiter. at this speed nothing much can happen...unless you get rammed by a racer
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