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  1. Thanks for following, mate 🥰

    1. Andreas A.H

      Andreas A.H

      No worries ;) 

  2. After a long and exhausting day in the ever so cold Iceland, the truck finally had enough. After hours of search for the perfect place with a great view, she finally found it!

    This is an exclusive image of a Scania with a HCT trailer tanning on a beach 😎🏖️ 🏝️



    1. IceRaged [NO]

      IceRaged [NO]

      would that be skinnydipping 👀

    2. Andreas A.H

      Andreas A.H

      Might be 🤔

      Maybe I should get the truck dressed so no one calls that number 👀

  3. An absolute stunning sunrise just north of Umeå, Sweden 🌄 🥰



  4. Hello!


    I would like to thank everyone for attending Prime Logistic's 1 year anniversary. Without you it would not have been possible!

    A lot of planning, work and effort was spent for this and I can say the outcome was amazing. I really do hope you enjoyed it as much as me, or actually all of us at Prime as well as the rest that were here to make this possible 💜


    This is so far the largest convoy I have been participating in from Prime and I am looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming ones 🥰


    Have a great evening and drive safe 💖


    Also the photo was 'borrowed' by ---> @RB1988  <--- 



    1. RB1988


      You're always welcome to 'borrow' my photos, Andreas 😍

    2. IceRaged [NO]

      IceRaged [NO]

      thanks for the event 💜

  5. Had a very lovely drive with @issam0707 from Calais to St. Petersburg and @Jamie R & @Rico.. Thanks for the company! 🥰💜spacer.png


  6. Had a lovely trip to Naantali, Finland and the weather is sunny ☀️, which we like of course! 😄 🥰 



    1. IceRaged [NO]

      IceRaged [NO]

      we do love that 😘

  7. Even though it was a month ago it was a very nice drive with @Doxxyz, @Prime.Peaches, @EndyTM, @Bashere, @RB1988 & Arc (Sadly don't know his forum name) 🥰spacer.png

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. IceRaged [NO]

      IceRaged [NO]

      wery epic 🥂

    3. RB1988


      The one update you do, and it’s the only time I drove a Stralis 😂

    4. Andreas A.H

      Andreas A.H

      @RB1988 Of course I would. It's history on picture! 😂

  8. Hey, My name is Andreas, but shortened Andy to many people. I live in the beautiful city of Stavanger in Norway where I have lived at 2 different occasions, but am from Gothenburg, Sweden where I also have lived at 2 different times I work full time of 37.5 hours per week as a service / support manager in a electronic shop and have been for almost a year now I first encountered ETS (1) in around 2010 when I got my first laptop (it is still alive, would you believe that? xD) and fell in love with it with the different mods you could have. Once I had enough money I bought a legal copy of ETS 2 in 2013 and played a lot with mods until my laptop didn't run it so well. Back in 2017 I started a bit again and this is where I created my account to play with a few friends from a small OMSI 2 community. To my surprise it was very fun and to be completely honest I drove with the friends on the C-D road and we were dumbstruck of what was going on since there were so many people, so much traffic and crashes. I later found out it was the well known C-D road and my reaction would probably be the same as anyone else So far I still love this game and especially the MP, however 3 key components on my PC fried and am waiting for a motherboard at the moment and this can sadly limit my activity in game. Hopefully I'll see you in game some day and drive safe!
  9. - ETS 2 - ATS - OMSI 2 - Combat Arms Classic / Reloaded - GRID 2 If I join a LAN with friends it can be anything from CS:GO, LoL, Golf with friends, Destiny 2, GTA V, Sniper Elite 4 or other games we get from Humble Bundle monthly
  10. Nummer: ?? Har vel i TMP siden slutten av 2017, men har ikke vært noe særlig aktiv på forumet til ca. igår
  11. I pretty much enjoy driving any cargo and trailer that brings a challenge. I tend to use my HCT in TMP, drive around and doing deliveries outside the Baltic's area, however it doesn't mean I dislike single trailers. I use them at convoys and when I feel like it
  12. I've been part of Prime since March (2019) and is my first and hopefully only VTC I'll ever be in. It's incredibly friendly despite the many people in it and there are many things one have in common with each others. There are always things to do like have a spontaneous meetup somewhere on the map, drive and before you know it, more people might have joined. We meet up at e.g RLC, CRTZ and Tango's convoys (sorry if I left other VTC's out) which are really great, but mostly our biweekly convoys where a lot of drivers meet up to drive. At first I didn't see the real reason to participate in convoys, but now I do and it can be very fun, especially among other people and not necessarily from Prime only If you're going to apply, I am very certain you'll feel warmly welcomed by almost everyone
  13. Looking really good Woop my first post xd
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