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  1. Hi, Please make sure that you are trying to join the game with the Steam account that linked with your TruckersMP profile. If you are trying to join with another account, it will not let you login. In the other hand, i believe this guide will help you to solve your profile activation problem: I hope this helps.
  2. Hi, sorry to hear you are facing the problem. The unreliable connection problem doesn't have actual solution at all. Try the following tips and maybe it will help about the problem.(By the way, the problem's reason mostly is ISP side. Please make sure there is no problem with your connection.) -Try to avoid high crowded areas. -Try to join the game less populated areas. -Get in touch with your ISP and change your internet profile FastPath or Interleave(try both because the problem may be due to the Packet loss) I hope this will help at least a little. Jean-Louis Lorenzy
  3. Merhaba, Bildiğim kadarıyla yeni ses modu Fmod'un bir hatası. Evet sorun tüm oyuncularda görülmekte umarız ilerleyen güncellemelerde çözülür.
  4. Merhaba, Save edit ile başka tırın motorunu başka tıra eklemek yasak değil. Sıkıntı olmaz. İyi oyunlar:)
  5. If i am not wrong i think it was caused by packet loss. I have the same problem since last year, i am using VPN to avoid unreliable connection problem. My ping is a bit higher than normal but it still works, and i am able to play.
  6. Hi, i had the same problem. My internet works very well in the other games by the way. So the solution for me was using a 'VPN' and joining the game in less populated areas. If you want you can try it, who knows maybe VPN can solve your problem, too.
  7. Hi, you need to reset your economy, that is the only solution i believe Go to “My Documents/American Truck Simulator/profiles” and find your profile. Open the "config_local.cfg" in the profile folder in your text editor (Notepad,...). Look for the line 'uset g_force_economy_reset "0"' - change the 0 to 1 and save the file. Now, start TruckersMP and load your profile. You should receive a message saying "Game change detected". Your economy should have been reset now. Lastly, exit the game again and change that 1 back to 0 in your "config.cfg", otherwise, it'll reset every time you start the game.
  8. Belgeler>Euro Truck Simulator 2>config.cfg bu config dosyasını silip oyuna tekrar giriş yapmayı deneyebilir misiniz?
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