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  1. abhishek712

    My thoughts from years back and now.

    ^ Just saying, I've watched some of the Game Moderator streams and it looks like around 2 minutes until the report are uploaded
  2. abhishek712

    Parking Trailers

    Now only if doubles were this this easy
  3. abhishek712

    Which city is your garage in?

    ETS2: Amsterdam ATS: Bakersfield
  4. abhishek712

    I made a suggestion on SCS forums, what do you guys think?

    I simply think that this flag does not belong in a national flags DLC
  5. abhishek712

    What coding languages do you know?

    HTML Python - learning
  6. abhishek712

    New Game Mode

    I think the best way they could do this is to have more AI vehicles where there are less real people and less AI vehicles the more people there are in a location.
  7. abhishek712

    Beacons in Crowded Areas

    Suggestion Name: Beacons in crowded areas warning and auto-kick Suggestion Description: Similar to the headlight rule, a way to warn users in the chat if their beacons are on when there are over 25 people around them. Give the user a time limit to turn off the beacons and then just like the headlight rule, kick them if the beacons are kept on. Any example images: n/a Why should it be added?: I see many people with their beacons on in heavily crowded areas of the map such as Calais and Duisburg in ETS2 and the CA-1 in ATS which leads to lag for people with worse computers. Also, it is a rule that many people do not follow.
  8. abhishek712

    Increase Accessibility for Visually Impaired Players.

    Even with normal vision, the chatbox seems to be very small, so it would be great if this was added.