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  1. Unfortunately all so far suggested methods have not solved the problem and I’m still looking for more solutions. I might try re installing the graphics driver. But I would like to her more possible solutions before I do that. I dont think it’s the resolution as it hasn’t been a problem before. I changed the resolution to see if it made a difference. But didn’t solve the problem
  2. I had this problem when I first had my PC. I recently installed the new driver for my Nvidia graphics card and it was fine up until yesterday. I just don’t know what’s causing the problem, I can’t see any obvious fixes? Any other ideas?
  3. Hello, I went to sign in today and my sign in box and FPS counter have become tiny (small) and also when I go into the game the chat and box that displays local players is also small. Can anyone please help? Thank you.
  4. My VTC livery is the one in the image below, but I was in a pilot car because I was returning to Dover after escorting a convoy I organised.
  5. Oh hi I saw you earlier on today! Anyway yeah with my VTC we always stop at lights for obvious reasons and even when not in convoy we always stick to pure realism.
  6. Yes I agree, today I had an update when I logged on and it’s fixed the sync problem but the traffic lights at roadworks still need to be fixed. Some of the road works sites that are long are very dangerous because some players don’t have the long draw distance and don’t see oncoming vehicles till it’s to late
  7. Yep totally happened to me, I would say this is something that needs to be fixed as it causes a danger
  8. Ill have a look tomorrow when I’m on see if the problem happens again, if so is there anything I can do about it?
  9. It happed this afternoon around 1PM GMT when I was hosting a 3 Vehicle convoy. It happened at the 3rd set off traffic lights we stopped at.
  10. Thanks for showing me this it partially clear up my problem and I understand but my friend showed me physical evidence that when my light was red his was green. I just wanted to see if it’s a one off or an intermittent problem. Also wanted to see if anyone had the same issue, but thanks for helping
  11. But I stopped at a light earlier and my friend said it was green? He showed me a video from his truck and it was green when my light was red?
  12. Hello I’m fairly new to TMP and have only been playing for a few months, Truckers multiplayer is brilliant and I enjoy running a VTC with my friends. However there is one major problem, traffic lights. When I first started playing there was no problem, all vehicles stopped at the junction and moved accordingly to the lights, but recently in the last month I have noticed when ever I pull up to a red light I get someone beeping their horn or calling me an “idiot” or “why are you sitting there”. The fact the lights are not the same for everyone hit me when I was at one of the road works traffic lights on the road to Paris, I waited for the light to go green and proceeded through. But as I got nearly half way a truck started to come my way. Eventually after talking to a few people I found out that it’s ‘hit and miss’ to weather my friends (or someone else has a red light or green light too.) I have also noticed it causes a lot of traffic problems at many places where people are arguing who’s right of way it is with annoyed drivers waiting behind. I have heard of the problem before last year but it sort of disappeared and has come back now. I haven’t seen any suggestions of fixes and maybe it’s not possible to fix but who else here agrees it’s a big problem? I’m not personal too bothered but I’m not sure whether to just go through but be cautious or just wait? What’s everyone else’s idea? Sorry if it sounds stupid but being a new member I thought I’d check with people that have experience. (I’m good at driving so do my best to avoid crashes)
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