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  1. sorry for being a bit late bt congratulation on the race championship

  2. Sorry for the late congrats, but im here... xD


    Congrats for winning the race championship dude! Well done ❤️ 

  3. Congratulations on your championship. Wish I had the time to join aswell and compete against you. I bet it was alot of fun. Hope to compete against you on the next one brodie

    1. KingKrule


      Thank you, see you out there! :)

  4. Congrats for winning the Summer Racing Championship ?

  5. Belated blessing?congrats for winning the Summer Racing Championship!?

  6. Congrats for winning the Summer Racing Championship

  7. Congratulations on winning the Summer Racing Championship ? Well done.

  8. Congrats for winning the Summer Racing Championship

  9. Congrats for winning the Summer Racing Championship, enjoy your prizes ?

  10. The only thing wrong here is that they had to make it more clear. Make it clear that 48 was the limit. "Eight players will be selected in a random order to compete in a drag race. How many players qualify depends on how many players attend. For example, if 96 players compete, only half will qualify, meaning the fastest 4 of 8 from each race will qualify. After all of the races are concluded, the fastest 48 players will qualify for the Championship taking place the next day." They theorically wrote it, now after reading the post again I understand that they said there were 48 qualifiers, but I only understood it because of what happened yesterday and not because the sentence is totally clear... the fact is that writing the "After all of the races are concluded, the fastest 48 players will qualify for the Championship taking place the next day." right after the first sentence that I quoted too is misleading, I thought they were still referring to the example they were making in the first sentence, so that if there were more players than 96 the qualified players wouldn't have been only 48. Then again, just a couple sentences afterwards, what's written is "For everyone who qualified for the championship, this will be your big day! There are a lot of unique and challenging tracks prepared, ready for our 48 qualifiers to put their racing skills to the test.". Humm... so with the 48 qualifiers are you guys still referring to the example or telling us that's the maximum amount of admitted players? I hope you get what I'm trying to show here... So yeah, next time guys, if the limit is 48 make it super clear, this time it was ambiguous and misleading, even though I still think that the best solution is to give everybody a chance. I would even be willing to collaborate in trying to find new ways to try and organize the event to make things smoother and most of all accessible to everybody, but well, you decide. Good luck to the finalists!
  11. I'm absolutely gutted to say the least. I can't believe you made the same mistake as last year, at least if this is how you wanted to handle things you could've told us before that there was a limited amount of players that would've made it to the final rounds, at least people would have had that in mind. Advertising your event, and then wasting the time of people like me who have tested the tracks these days, and waited patiently this evening to race is just not right. Some may say that nobody told me to do those things, well fair enough, and as a matter of fact I wouldn't complain now if there was proper notice in the website article that there would have been a limited amount of players admitted, I knew that we would've been selected randomly and that was no big deal. "How many players qualify depends on how many players attend. For example, if 96 players compete, only half will qualify, meaning the fastest 4 of 8 from each race will qualify." This is what I mean, there is no clarification about the number limit. What I understand is that if we are 400, 200 will qualify, I think that's pretty clear. I know that we were a lot today, almost sure we were more than you expected, but since only 2 people (instead of 4) out of 8 were being admitted I thought you had sorted things out, so that there weren't too many people tomorrow, as that would've made the event super long. Instead, this was just pretty disappointing. Again, I read that the exact same thing happened in the summer 2019 championship, and while I read that you were willing to coordinate things a little better in the following championships, apparently you didn't learn from your mistakes. What makes things even worse this time is that, at least, that time there was actually notice that there would've been a limit! "Note: Race participants have very limited spaces available. Players will be randomly selected!", I wonder why you didn't write the same thing this time... Well guys, thank you for the effort you put into organizing all the events you bring to us, I know it's no easy thing, but you really need better organization for the racing one in particular... it's just not fair for all of those who wait there, aware that sooner or later, with some patience, their turn will come, because nobody has told them there is a number limit. It wasn't like this when I attended the first edition last spring, hope you will be able to give everyone and not just a smaller amount of people a fun time or at least an opportunity in the next editions.
  12. Great guys, thanks for organizing this.
  13. In case one player isn't available on Saturday at 15:30 UTC for the qualifiers but joins at around 18:00 UTC for example, could he still compete in one of the remaining rounds, provided that there are still some left?
  14. Props to anybody who participated, this event was great fun! Looking forward to the next "season" eheh
  15. Hi, so I have never had any problem with ets2mp so far but when I logged in this morning and loaded my profile the game just wouldn't start, when the loading ended it wouldn't go to the main menu (the one you have the truck in the background). I also tried loading autosaves but nothing changed. Then, when I tried running ets2 the mouse wasn't working at all, so I uninstalled the game and solved the problem running ets2 in 64-bit from steam. But then I had another problem, cause when I chose the location the game wouldn't load anymore, there was always the map on the monitor. Tried doing the same thing from ets2mp (after uninstalling and reinstalling it too) and nothing changed. Does someone know how to solve this? It's actually kinda strange cause the game always worked flawlessly.
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