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  1. I knew there were some real trailers in Promods, but I found some that I had never seen before. Big fan of this one, from Ełk, doesn't even look like it's MP
  2. Props to anybody who participated, this event was great fun! Looking forward to the next "season" eheh
  3. Some deliveries with the Euro 6 TGX.
  4. Chill trip from Bari to the Volvo factory in Göteborg, Mercedes New Actros 1845
  5. Couple shots, back to my former livery and also using the new krone profiliner, just plain white. Scania R450 The same model, but even more j-spec. Iveco Hi-Way 460
  6. Trying to reproduce the Scania S450 from Primafrio using only the default skins/add-ons... I kinda like it.
  7. Oh didn't know they got auto-cancelled! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely try this program, never heard of it. Bye and happy Holidays!
  8. Hi, I was just wondering, are in-game reports actually effective? I don't want to put in doubt the admin's work, of course, but in the past 3 days I submitted 5 reports while playing, all concerning me being badly rammed by other players, and no action was taken for any single one, not even a kick! I know that I should submit a report on the site if I don't think the decision is fair, but then is it really useful to submit reports while driving? I did it cause I thought it could've been a pretty good solution for people like me who can't record due to poor PC performance, but it looks like it's just useless. Hope somebody can answer, cheers.
  9. Hi, so I have never had any problem with ets2mp so far but when I logged in this morning and loaded my profile the game just wouldn't start, when the loading ended it wouldn't go to the main menu (the one you have the truck in the background). I also tried loading autosaves but nothing changed. Then, when I tried running ets2 the mouse wasn't working at all, so I uninstalled the game and solved the problem running ets2 in 64-bit from steam. But then I had another problem, cause when I chose the location the game wouldn't load anymore, there was always the map on the monitor. Tried doing the same thing from ets2mp (after uninstalling and reinstalling it too) and nothing changed. Does someone know how to solve this? It's actually kinda strange cause the game always worked flawlessly.
  10. 90 on highways and country roads, but in country-roads I usually slow down to 60-70 before turns. In cities around 50-60.
  11. Hi. I have bought ETS2 today from Steam and I installed MP. When I first played it, everything looked fine until I arrived near Rotterdam and I went Offline. After reconnecting i still can't enter in the servers. I've tried with EU1 and EU2 and it's always the same, I also saw that the servers are both running. Someone know what's my problem? Also everytime I start multiplayer it says "Cannot validate the game" and I have to click yes 1 or 2 times before the game starts. I saw that other people are having this problem so is it normal? Thank you for answering.
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