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  1. Real CB Mic

    About $40
  2. Real CB Mic

    I'm working on that
  3. Real CB Mic

    Cost is not too bad. The CB Mic you can buy new in the US for $20. You can get one off eBay for a few bucks. The USB board was $16 but if you have some skills you can pull one out of an old USB keyboard. Additional items (cables etc) are around $20 so total cost without the CB mic is $40 and with the CB mic is $60ish. You need to be able to solder and it takes a small amount of code which I am happy to give you. If I thought enough people would be interested I would make a few and sell them.
  4. Real CB Mic

    Has anyone else done anything like this? I've seen a few things online but not a lot. This is my video of what I did. When you key the mic it activates the mic and sends "x".