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  1. No hate against Freightliner or International, personally I dont have a opinion on International considering I never been in one, let alone driven one, but it's a little inside joke. Would be nice to see a Prostar, and a Cascadia
  2. Volvo is pretty good, just has too much chrome. Would also be nice to have different tuning options for it.
  3. Beside the Freightshaker Cascadia and the Intertrashional, what other trucks you think SCS will add in the future?
  4. Suggestion Name: Allow the green dot to appear forever if your friend has the "Friends tracking" feature enabled. Suggestion Description: Make a option for MP where you can allow friends to know where you are from anywhere on the map, basically showing where you are in-game if its enabled. Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: It should be added because there is a possibility you could be in a convoy with a friend and loose them (lets just say your not talking to them on discord) and instead of the green dot disappearing after a certain amount of distance, it stays on the map forever, unless that player leaves the game or disables the option.
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