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  1. i dont live in manhattan but i dont know how to change it :c
  2. This seems like a really complete guide for begginers. I thing you should upload this into Steam's Guide's forum to make your guide even more helpful and clean. Nice parragraph, but a little blury. Love it.
  3. But I play in Europe 2 and with the speed limiter disabled
  4. Hiiii I just want to know what is the best truck + engine + transmission combination existing in game and avaible in multiplayer. I have: -Truck: Scania Streamline Topline -Chasis: 8x4 -Engine: DC16 103 730 Euro 6 v8 -Transmission: Opticruise GRSO 925R Is there a fastest combination? Because I can go max 90 kmph without the speed limit and playing without any WoT trailer. Help me please :C
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